Watch for the Launch of Discovery Fit & Health on February 1

January 18, 2011 | by gweiswasser

A lot of Discovery Health fans have been wondering where they can find their favorite shows, now that OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network has launched. Well, we are excited to share the answer with you: Discovery Communications announced yesterday that it will rebrand FitTV to Discovery Fit & Health on February 1, 2011.

Discovery Fit & Health will combine the compelling real-life stories of Discovery Health with the audience-favorite fitness programming from FitTV. The network will be available in approximately 50 million homes and found at the channel location currently occupied by FitTV (find the channel location in your cable lineup with our channel finder).

Learn more about what you can find on Discovery Fit & Health… and tune in on Saturday for a mini-marathon of returning favorite Untold Stories of the ER.

  • Leeanntextile

    dumbest programming move Discovery could have made! FIT TV was wonderful. With all the rediculous “reality” shows out there, FIT TV was a wonderful and refreshing channel offering HEALTH & EXERCISE and you’ve now destroyed it! Read your forums….. stupid, stupid, stupid programing move!

  • southernbelle

    I’m just glad to see Discovery move their lineup somewhere, anywhere! I miss the Discovery shows. I am a huge Oprah fan, but NOT a fan of OWN. Everytime I turn it on I am disappointed.

  • K Porter0806

    Very disappointed that the exercise programs are no longer on all day. Need to put Fit TV back to how it used to be!!!!

  • R. McBride

    I have been watching Fit TV since it’s beginning and have exercised with Fit TV for 10 years!!! I miss the exercise programs and the rest of America must miss them too – we all need more exercise and fitness adivce!! Now is not the time to minimize fitness programming!!! Please bring back more exercise programs.

  • WillNeverWatchYourChannelAgain

    I doubt anyone will see this, but I want to let somebody know how upset I am that FitTV has changed it’s lineup into a bunch of the same-old boring and exploitative programs as all the other channels carry. I started exercising to the Shimmy program at age 58, in the midst of a deep depression and it really helped me. Why someone at the network would decide to replace all the excellent exercise shows with the awful stuff that they’re now showing is incomprehensible. And there’s no Shimmy DVD! At least you could give us that…

  • Anonymous

    I was never into the FitTV like other posts and I really enjoy the programming on Fit & Health except for the mass identical repetitive commercials; it is ridiculous!  I have stopped watching because I cannot stand the annoying advertising.  Why do you do this?  It’s torture of some sort. It really ruins my enjoyment of the channel altogether.  Add some variety and definitely shorten commercial breaks – they are longer than any on other channel and they are same ads over and over and over all day and night!  Please stop so I can enjoy this channel!