Curiosity Debuts with Special Cross-Network Simulcast Tonight

August 7, 2011 | by aharris

CuriosityWhen Discovery Channel first hit the air in June 1985, our Founder and Chairman, John Hendricks, had a simple mission: satisfying our curiosity about the world around us through nonfiction television. Over the years, Discovery has grown to include over 130 networks in over 210 countries around the world, and today the company launches the first episode of Curiosity — the company’s largest multi-platform initiative to date.

Curiosity is a journey to uncover the truths behind life’s most challenging questions. There is perhaps no more challenge question than the one addressed in tonight’s premiere: Did God create the universe? Debuting on Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science, Investigation Discovery and Discovery Fit & Health at 8pm ET/PT, the episode lays out Stephen Hawking’s viewpoint and theory about the question. Following at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery, TLC and Science, Meet the Press‘ David Gregory will host a roundtable discussion including:

  • John Haught, a Roman Catholic theologian and Head of the Center on Study of Science and Religion at Georgetown University
  • Paul Davies, cosmologist and co-director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University
  • Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at California Institute of Technology

Viewers are also invited to join the discussion at, on Facebook and on Twitter by following @CuriosityTV and using the #GodUniverse hashtag. Discovery is also encouraging fans to show off their curiosity by checking in on GetGlue and earning special stickers for each episode/question.

Welcome to Curiosity!

  • FollowLMG

    What does the science community think of the show so far?

  • Stan Patterson

    Wow Hawkins a scientist or pure speculation expert, Discovery channel usually does better

  • T493

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Denying that there is a creator makes it easy for you people to live immoral lives.  Discovery, Ha Ha , you should call your propaganda just what it is. Why no one on the set is for, all are aginst God. Dont worry David Gregory you probably will burn in hell but I will pray for you. Less that 10%do not belive in God, hope discovery can make in the buisness world with less than 10% viewership. it won”t be on in our house.

  • Discovery Communications Blog

    Curiosity is all about asking questions. The first episode presents Mr. Hawking’s scientific research and opinion, but I hope you tuned into the roundtable following the episode with a deeper discussion of the question with a range of viewpoints. -Amber

  • Love Science

    Thank you T493 for using your religion to try to scare people. The one and only reason there is a religion to begin with! Fear. .. and thank you for showing how your religion and every religion for that matter works. Close minded and scared to hear a fact or another point of view (THEORY). Science. Im sure Discovery Channel will do just fine with out your close minded viewership! Good Riddance! Us “10%” will enjoy and take advantage of our short time on this beatiful blue ball!

  • Love Science

    Beautiful….. lol..

  • Jaime Yarbrough

    I enjoyed the broadcast and for the most part agree with Stephen’s logic. I have thus far enjoyed the discussion after but am by far and away impressed with Professor Kaku’s input. Not enough of this discussion (if all things are to be placed on the table) was devoted toward that of the proven mathematics and highly probably, yet currently unprovable coexistence of multiple dimensions. Not to go totally into the full multi-verse concept but to venture out from the blinking proton outward with the idea that other dimensions can be responsible for both our existence and a possible God (which I reserved judgement).

  • Werner

    Discovery Channel is simply agenda driven Science.  Selecting that which fits their ends.  Very sad.  Real empirical science doesn’t mean a thing to DC.  Pure fantasy with a touch of cynicism and mind entrancing CGI. 

  • Quantumrecords

    I’m horrified that I’m watching curiosity, a show rated pg, and I witness, with my ten year old beside me, a man seizing and his eyeballs suddenly bloody and exploding from his head.  Way to go Discovery.  Your PG rating was misleading.  You did not have to go that far.  I’m disgusted. 

  • Aromik22

    Thanks and congratulations for your excellent “Curiosity” series and your “Did God Create the Universe” program. You always set the bar extremely high. Hopefully, others will follow your example and TV can become an instrument for learning instead of a mindless pastime. Please continue your excellence in broadcast communications.
    Don from Georgia