‘Moonshiners’ Comes to Discovery Channel This Week

December 6, 2011 | by gweiswasser

If we told you that Discovery Channel is premiering a new show called Moonshiners tonight, you might think that it was taking you back to another era in a historical piece. Not a chance. Moonshining may be a tradition dating back hundreds of years, but this multi-million dollar industry is all too current. And it comes with its own risks (let’s just say it’s not legal everywhere). In Moonshiners, Discovery goes deep into Appalachia to follow the shiners themselves and the local lawmen who try to keep them honest.

You can watch a special Moonshiners premiere episode (after Chopper Live) tonight at 10pm ET/PT, and then on its regular night starting tomorrow at the same time. Here’s a sneak peek of the show:

  • Bobbyblueeyes1234567

    this  last  episode  with  a  no  name  wanna  be  host,,and  the  circus  like  hoopla  was so  unneccessary!!!  you  shouldnt  waste  airtime  with  crap  tv  your  ruining  my  american  chopper  fanship..jessejames  is  beat  and  needs  to  get  off  the  air  again

  • Discovery fan

    How does Discovery justify the legality of producing this show? “Nobody in the show is actually making liquor” says Jesse Tate. No they’re just picking up sacks of corn, researching sites, water sources etc. I’m thinking Tim Smith winds up in jail by the end of the season.

  • ed

    Discovery why are you glorifying illegal activity?  Shows called moonshiners and now weed wars?  Discovery is just making shows for people to get upset and outraged by that they tell people about it to get more viewers for their advertisers.  Bad publicity equals money every time.  If this is the way Discovery wants to be know that is really sad.

  • Anonymous

    You guys need to get out more.

    Good show, this is basically occupy Appalachia. 

  • Alwalker_72

    Hi, we watched your Moonshiners show last night. Great concept for a show. I just wanted to let you know that Brantley Gilbert that wrote My Kinda Party and Dirt Road Anthem for Jason Aldean has a song called “Hell on Wheels” That would fit the show PERFECTLY. It’s a great song. youtube it! I’ll keep watching and I hope to hear it on your show in the future. Thanks
    PJ Langhof

  • Adam27h

    Great show!! TIM won’t go to jail! Duh!

  • Wendyl79

    I LOVE the Show Thanks Discovery Channel!!!

  • http://www.mactonweb.com/ web design melbourne

    I’m thinking Tim Smith winds up in jail by the end of the season.

  • tony mejia

    hi i been watching your show but who ever its writing …needs to do a lill veter when you are out in the woods doing things that can put you in jail you allways on DEFCON 4 the actors are to relax and way  they talk sounds like a 10 yr old reading in class   and now since we been watching no next season 2 for you bay bay……Lame

  • DIxierebel

    When does moonshiners come back on?!?!?!?

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  • edh

    Tim Smith is obviously very serious about starting a legal distillery. He has been to Asheville NC to check out a distillery there and will be visiting another new distillery for their grand opening this summer.

  • edh

    I hear rumors that the new series will feature more of the late “Popcorn” Sutton.

    Family friend, Ali Randolph, sang her original song about Popcorn Sutton at his Memorial Service. She has now posted a video of the song played with her band, The Outta Luck Band.
    Includes video of Popcorn’s car where he decided to end his life on his terms.
    Moonshiners – Popcorn Sutton – Ali Randolph & The Outta Luck Band – Music Video – Moonshine

  • Carrieandmitch2008

    I love the show but when does it start back up? I cant wait

  • Fan#1

    When will we see season 2?

  • edh

    It’s a pity the makers had to pretend season 1 was real. We now know it was a dramatization. I think just as many people would have watched knowing it was a dramatization of the struggle between the moonshiners of old and the law.

  • coasterdude

    Moonshining has always held a “folklore” magnetism. I suppose watching the souped-up cars leave the sheriff…we cheered the moonshiners on…!  Growing up in a small, Southern town…the sheriff was in on the deal. The moonshiners would give the sheriff their old still. He would display it on the front lawn of the jail…This was the talk of the town. Naturally…the sheriff was reelected.
    The MOONSHINERS program is a pleasant break from the ordinary TV hum-drum, When can we expect the next episodes ? .

  • Rebecca

    We love the show and it shows the true side of moonshiners . The show is no different then boarder was where they show all of the drugs coming into the usa. So keep up with a good show their is a lot of people that love it.

  • Jake McCarter

    Oh stfu everyone Moonshiners is a great show about peoples heritage I love the show and im ready for season 3!!!! :-)

  • Ron

    I totaly agree Ed