Saturdays Are Red Hot with Investigation Discovery’s ‘Scorned: Love Kills’

January 20, 2012 | by aharris

Are you an ID Addict? If so, Investigation Discovery is serving up a hot new series that examines real-life crimes of passion and the dark side of love. The first episode of Scorned: Love Kills, premiering on Saturday at 10pm ET/PT, introduces us to Joan and David Shannon of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

With four kids and a picket fence, you’d never guess that the Shannons were swingers, participating in organized sex parties. But what happens when one of them breaks their cardinal rule of not falling in love? While I won’t spoil it, their relationship takes a deadly turn and involves an unexpected accomplice. You can watch a preview of tomorrow’s episode below, see what treacherous tales are coming up this season, and enter to win one of ID’s weekly prize packs in their Red Hot Sweepstakes.

  • suellen

    Worst show yet! nothing but the same old clips again and again with very little storyline interspersed between them

  • Jacob

    On id, nightmare next door, the sound it plays (kinda sounds like national anthem “yet waaaaaaaavvvvveeeee…..”) makes it so f***ing addicting, many other sounds or tunes too.

  • Johnnybitchin

    Im not a prude, but all the BS sex scenes you have really are offensive when there are kids in the house at 3 in the afternoon….get a grip!! your shows stink…..

  • Discovery Communications Blog

    We can certainly pass along your feedback to the team. Shows that are not appropriate for all audiences do contain warnings and we encourage you to use your best judgement about when to enjoy ID (and with whom). -Amber

  • Netgk

    But that means that the parents have to be home at whatever time you choose to air these episodes.  You really think that’s realistic?  Probably not, but you just don’t care.  Your shows, with their adult scenes, are bad for kids.  If we have to band together and boyucott your channel, that can be done.

  • transistic

    I have no small children at home and I am an ID addict, Where are the addicts?? Let’s talk about the show’s or the subject here..comon..