Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’ Heads to Viking Shores

April 26, 2012 | by kdelmonico

Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd team are venturing into new territory in Animal Planet‘s Whale Wars: Viking Shores. On the picturesque Faroe Islands between Iceland and Scotland, every summer the Faroese people participate in “The Grind”: a ritual herding of whales to their shores to be killed by the locals with knives. The whale meat is used for food for the community.

Whale Wars: Viking Shores

Whaling is a deep-rooted tradition for the Faroese people, who are descendants of Vikings. Though “The Grind” is technically legal, Watson says “Justice takes precedence over the law. No law that [the Faroese] can pass is going to justify what they’re doing to those whales. We have to constantly remind the Faroese that the outside world is watching them.”

For the first time in Whale Wars history, the Sea Shepherd team is taking to the streets, employing  undercover observation tactics to learn more about “The Grind.” But, with over 20 killing beaches spread across 18 islands, the team is up against the entire community on their quest to end it.

After the show, Animal Planet, will stream a live discussion between Paul Watson and Faroese native Heri Joensen, powered by Watchitoo. Whale Wars: Viking Shore  premieres Friday, April 27, at 9pm ET/PT.

  • Stan_1234

    Eco-terrorism as a reality TV show….

    Now the trustifarians will have to find real jobs.

  • Lita_5212


    Everyone should be aware of the cruel and inhumane killings
    of these precious whales.

  • Philip Eddie MacDonald

    i completely supported the shepherds missions in the arctic fighting japanese commercial whaling -BUT- it’s not right to interfere with the food source for a community of families …like i mean would paul watson have an issue with a eskimo spearing a whale to feed his village through the winter ,,,,,, or perhaps the shepherds should replace the whale meat in the islands with an equel amount of ground beef ??? it’s called priorities and the shepherds should work on theres’

  • Aselvo

    I also Completely supported the Sea Sheppard’s tour through the Antarctic. The killing of endangered whales is unlawful and unjustifiable. I watched with anticipation each and every episode from the beginning, but this season is absurd!! I don’t believe in protecting a non endangered animal that clearly supports a community in their yearly food revisions. They are not selling the meat for economic gain. After watching two shows of this season, I will no longer watch this show because the visions that were established at the beginning seasons are clearly lost!!! I truly believe and would join at any time to support the protection of anyone killing endangered animals, but this show has definitely gone too far!! Now I feel as if I am watching some right winged, liberal hippie green peace freak!

    Apparently, this show will not be extended after this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mkidscan

    This whole hunting whales have disgusted me to no end.  the faroe people should be ashamed of themselves.  I have watch whale wars for about a year or two and love what they are doing I just wish it several different stations so every know the truth about what is going on out there.  The men and women are very brave and I am proud they are fighting this war.  The faroe island visitor guide shows the beauty of the island but they fail to show the blood filled bays when they slaughter the families of whales. How convenient they leave the part out.  Keep up the good work.  

  • Mkidscan

     Elephants were not endanger when the people where killing them for the tusk and lets not forget the dolphins that are killed my the hundreds.  They have a right to kill for food but this is also a sport for them.  Just cause they are animals does not mean they don’t have love for their families.  It is barbaric and uncalled for.  They are Killing by the hundreds and they say it a tradition.  This is what is wrong with this word today.  Suck the world dry of everything that exist and justify it.  You go to jail if you kill your dog, cat, horse and anything else we domesticate.  But god forbid we save a pilot whale. 

  • Moore Tina

    i love the whaes do believe they are being slaughtered for no reason im proud of what sea shepard is doing u have my full support

  • Jan

    we in the Faroes are just laughing at the whale wars viking shores, because, there is a lot of things that they got wrong.

  • Knockoutblow88

    The people of the Faroes are idiots to belive its okay to kill whales and for them to say they do it for tradition and food , shows thier stupidity of not finding other means of food no country should support them since they think they can do whatever the hell they want

  • letitbe

    They are Ethnocentric!!

  • Acerboyb3

    This is about the show, wale wars.
     These people that claim that they are saviors or wales and fish of the sea. They Are plain and     simply people that Have no idea of what it means to live of  the earth . I’m sitting here watching the season finally of the Viking shores and I’m in utter disgust of these so called activists. They are trying to change the beliefs of a country that has been living a way for a thousand years. 
     I wish that these people would care about humans as much as a animal that is being harvested accurately and as humane as possible. This is a food supply for a group of islands that does not have the resources that the major country’s do. Who are they to say what is right and wrong when they have never felt the feeling of starvation and isolation. They show up in boats that cost millions of dollars to a country that is made of hard work and true struggle, this is a insult of unmeasurable proportions. 
      In the last 15 min of this monstrosity of a show they claim to have seen one of the largest pods of pilot wales. Clearly letting myself know that the people of the of islands are NOT hurting  or causing any type of species depletion. Why are they there? Purely for the own ideals. And not for the people of a country that they do not know,or want to know. 
    These people are self righteous wanna be hippies, who have no idea of true struggle and understanding of life it’s self.

  • Hello…

    Stupid whales!  Why don’t they just stay away from the Faroe Islands? I thought they were supposed to be intelligent.

  • PaulMan

    This TV show is ridiculous… You made a show on the ocean, you have a helicopter, you can build “weapons” to shot the acid, and all you do is go next the other boats to throw acid with hands… Waste of time watch it.

  • 1963xke

    While I don’t support whale hunting in the Antarctic, the Whale Wars is like a Roadrunner cartoon starring the Sea Shepherd crew as Wile E Coyote. And how come “vegan” Paul Watson gets fatter every season. Are Oreos vegan?

  • Cburb13

    they dont do anything

  • Jrmouton

    Just finished watching the final episode of Whale Wars
    season 5. I do rationally support their cause, but the means at which they are
    attempting to accomplish it is comical. For 5 episodes we watched Watson &
    crew bumble about the southern ocean searching for the elusive “Mother
    Ship”. I’m a part time sailor and I’m appalled at the inexperience and
    seamanship of the volunteers. I realize they are all champions of the cause,
    but realistically (unless it was staged for ratings) the Japanese whaling fleet
    has nothing to worry about.


    Let’s face it, the Japanese fleet knows exactly where
    Watson’s fleet is at 24/7. Has anyone heard of satellite surveillance!  The harpoon vessels are just toying with the
    Whale Warriors and this season showed they can lure Watson’s fleet into a trap
    every time.  Another thing – does a prop
    fouler ever work against a far superior whaling vessel?


    Overall the series has kept my attention for 5 seasons, but
    rumor has it that there might not be a season 6.  I think the Animal Planet channel might have a little difficulty
    supporting filming someone that in currently under criminal investigation and
    is awaiting

    extradition from Germany to
    Costa Rica on charges that go back to 2002. I wish the Whale Warriors happy
    sailing because I respect the power and might of the oceans. It’s not an
    endeavor to be taken lightly, but also realize that antiquated tactics against
    a far superior foe on the high seas may lead to personal tragedy.