#ChompieAttack Baits DC with ‘Shark Week’ Spirit

August 2, 2013 | by akowalczyk

Duh duh…duh duh…it’s a #ChompieAttack! This week, Chompie Jr. and California Tortilla joined forces to spread Shark Week spirit throughout the DC area in anticipation for Shark Week, premiering Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. Shark Week fans showed their Shark Week love on Twitter, Facebook and this blog, and we chose five jawsome winners for a surprise #ChompieAttack and burrito lunch from Cal Tort.

On Monday, Chompie Jr. set out for a jaunt in the big city, to “attack” the creative team at Fleishmann-Hillard. He shared some burritos, did some work and taught the team the #SharkDance.

Chompie Jr at Fleishmann-Hillard

Chompie Jr. Working at Fleishmann-Hillard

Chompie Jr. and entire Creative Team


More comfortable with the big city,  Chompie Jr. ventured back downtown on Tuesday to Share Our Strength, where he helped to end the employees’ hunger, while they worked to end childhood hunger.

Chompie Jr at Share Our Strength

Chompie Jr at Share Our Strength

Hoping to steal the secrets to making a California Tortilla fish taco, Chompie Jr. spent some time at the counter on Wednesday, before heading to Marriott’s headquarters in Bethesda, where he was welcomed with open arms.

Chompie Jr. at California Tortilla

Chompie Jr. at Marriott Headquarters

Chompie Jr with Security at Marriott Headquarters

Bored of city life, Chompie Jr. took a trip further out on Thursday, with a visit to Sonic Promos in Gaithersburg, Maryand – they greeted him with their own shark..and a few pups!

Chompie Jr at Sonic Promos

Chompie Jr. and dog at Sonic Promos

Ending the week with a bang, Chompie Jr. visited the DC Traffic Center for NewsChannel 8 in Silver Spring today, getting his first taste of on-air glory and enjoying shark shenanigans with all the stations’ stars.

Chompie Jr and Jamie Sullivan at DC Traffic Center

Chompie Jr. and Jamie Sullivan at DC Traffic Center

Chompie Jr. and DC Traffic Center

Back in the office, we’re still basking in Shark Week glory and excited for Sunday night’s kickoff at 9pm ET/PT! To see all the photos from Chompie Jr.’s journeys this week, check out Discovery Communications’ Facebook album and Instagram or #ChompieAttack on Twitter! Happy (almost) Shark Week!

  • defref

    Your “Shark AFter Dark” it the worst thing Discovery has EVER put on television. You have the opportunity to speak with a scientist on the boat and your host eats chum and jokes with a fake shark! Juvenile is NEVER a word I would have equated with Discovery until today. NOT well done.

  • Gator

    Faking all of the footage and photos in the Megaladon show was a disgrace. Discovery Channel has lost all credibility. The person who came up with that idea should be fired tomorrow.

  • Unimpressed

    Congratulations on the fake shark “documentary” followed by your obstinate insistence that calling misleading information a “prank” magically means your unprofessionalism and impudence doesn’t damage your reputation. From now on I will consider everything done by “Discovery Channel” to be fiction unless a credible third party discussing the same issue provides information to show it to be true.