Discovery Spreads ‘Shark Week’ Spirit at the Jersey Shore

August 8, 2013 | by akowalczyk

Shark Week at the Jersey ShoreTacos, Shark Week and community goodwill – does life get much better?

This past week, Discovery’s events team blanketed the Jersey Shore with Shark Week spirit, sharing tacos and Shark Week swag with beach communities.

Teaming up with The Taco Truck, Discovery started its journey on Atlantic City’s infamous boardwalk, where they treated fans to Shark Week trivia, “Shark Bite” tacos, and lots of Shark Week fun, including t-shirts, fin hats, stickers, tattoos and more. From Atlantic City, Discovery and their Taco Truck friends traveled to Long Branch, NJ, and then onto Union Beach – in just three days, the team gave out over 4,000 tacos!

On Monday and Tuesday, the team also stopped in towns hit hard by Superstorm Sandy – Little Ferry, Seabright and Highlands – to visit with Habitat for Humanity volunteers, providing a full lunch and some Shark Week fun.

Check out the Shark Week fun in the photos below, and we’ll catch you tonight on Shark Week!


The Taco Truck at the Jersey Shore for Shark Week

Tacos at the Jersey Shore for Shark Week

Shark Week at the Jersey Shore



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  • Chris

    Shark week has now jumped the shark with this submarine piece

  • Ana

    You should change your name to sci-fi! Isn’t the whole point to educate people about sharks? Not report lies and have paid actors to try to terrify people. That’s how you create shark haters! I used to look forward to shark week every year now it’s about as realistic as Sharknado!! LAME SHAME ON YOU FOR TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE YOUR CRAPPY SHOWS!

  • Real shark fan

    Anyone interested in real shark discovery? Check out NatGeo Wild’s sharkfest! It is awesome! Real education of sharks! No longer a fan of Shark Week, SHARKFEST ON NAT GEO WILD is a great replacement! NEVER watching shark week again after last year’s junk about megladon and this years submarine shark discovery channel is a joke, about as realistic as Sharknado! Remember NAT Geo Wild Sharkfest all this week!