Join Richard and Aaron for ‘Fast N’ Live’ Tonight!

October 7, 2013 | by akowalczyk

Fast N LiveTonight at 9/8c, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of Fast N’ Loud invite you to grab a few beers and settle down for Fast N’ Live, broadcast from Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas, TX. Beer in hand, Richard and Aaron will relive the build of the ’32 Cabriolet, giving live commentary throughout the night. The guys will also be answering fans’ questions from Twitter during the episode.  Have a hot button question for the crew? Tweet using #FastnLive and you may get an answer from Richard and Aaron themselves!

And, to warm up for tonight, check out how the infamous Sue answered some fans’ questions in the video below!

  • Splash

    If you guys couldn’t rebuild cars for a living what would you be doing?

  • Randy Metcalf

    Why don’t you have air conditioned shop? Would help your crew be more productive. Spend some money on your crew. Love the show! Dennis is a heck of a friend and adds great personality to an already awesome show.

  • Randy Metcalf

    A COPO Camaro! Now that is a dream come true.This show is pure adrenaline!

  • HJN

    I love Fast N Loud, however, I am done watching the show because of the tweets. Stop the tweets, I don’t care about what these idiots think. I only want to watch the show. Please join me in this boycott.

  • richard rawings

    i don’t care that i’m 43 i will always be a toys r us kid i’m a man child and proud of it.

  • rob

    i want to see them make a 6×6 hot rod.

  • Katharineaunchman

    Forman shouldn’t be on here!!!!

  • Katharineaunchman

    I love sitting back & watching this show with hubby <3#loveofmylife

  • Ted Minerd 3

    Gotta be the coolest group of guys on tv. I love this show!!! And wouldn’t mind winning a badass car.

  • Edward Lambertus

    You should rebuild my RUSH F-150… LOL

  • Edward Lambertus

    ROUSE F-150 LOL

  • David W Belcher

    Love watching the show. With my grandson he loves the car’s

  • Edward Lambertus

    Darn spelling correction. ROUSH F-150.

  • Hudson

    If I win the T/A. Let’s. Race for a chance to win it back. Against a new gas monkey Camaro.

  • Simon Keays

    Y’all are a great break on a Monday night. Thank you gas monkey garage

  • Jeff

    I work too much to catch every episode so I can’t win the car so wheres my beer assistant?

  • Justin4

    I would like one of your rides, have $$$$ live in Vegas help me with a murc

  • Bobby Thompson

    I miss tom

  • peachy

    Rat rod

  • Zach Whalen

    Do you ever travel to Nebraska for cars.

  • will

    Your show rocks bro i wish I could do some of what you do to my truck

  • mark

    Christie is hot!!!

  • donnie corprew

    I think you need more than one beer assistant and do yall travel to va for cars???

  • Helen Burton

    Does Aaron know crack kills. Lol

  • jimbo

    Anybody that drinks Lite beer,,,,,,,
    Gimme a T.V. show…
    I’ll SHOW U UP……

  • jimbo