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January 17, 2014 | by akowalczyk

Discovery BuzzHappy Friday, Discovery Family! As we get ready to kick off a long weekend, we’re celebrating lots of exciting events and announcements from this past week. Catch up with the stories below and then make this Friday the best.Friday.ever. with the aww-inspiring gallery of our Puppy Bowl X Starting Lineup.

A sneak preview (and all the pups here!)

Puppy Bowl X Lineup

  • judith bass

    Ross, the cult intervention specialist, agrees that the media has a responsibility to its viewers. Oprah brought James Arthur Ray into millions of homes, asking her audience to trust him. She made him wealthy and famous. When James Frey admitted to fabricating portions of his Oprah-endorsed memoir, she publicly chastised him for duping her. When three people died following a teacher Oprah endorsed, the Browns point out, she remained silent. According to Ross, she failed her viewers, and without apology continues to promote “these kind of fringe people that could do the public harm.”

    Your partner is always promoting sociopaths who self promote