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Science & Animal Planet Launch iPhone & iPad Apps

November 28, 2012 | by kdelmonico

Science Channel App for iPhoneWant to take adorable animals with you wherever you go? Maybe black holes are more your thing? Today, Science and Animal Planet released apps for the iPhone and iPad, respectively, so you can do just that…and always be just a swipe away from videos, photos and more.

Animal Planet fans can download the app Animal Planet fans can download the new network app from the App Store and check out select full episodes to watch on the go and share with friends. Meanwhile, Science viewers can get their fill of favorites like Fringe and How It’s Made with daily video clips, the option to tag your favorite shows and more.

Check out both of the apps today, available for free for download from iTunes!

Keeping Discovery’s Innovative Spirit Alive

June 12, 2012 | by aharris
Discovery Communications Founder & Chairman John Hendricks

John Hendricks, Our Founder and Inspiration for the Annual Innovation Awards

On June 17, 1985, Discovery Channel made its debut in the U.S., and almost 27 years later we’re very fortunate at Discovery Communications to have our Founder & Chairman, John Hendricks, as a core part of our company and a very real example of the power of innovative ideas. Today, employees in Silver Spring (and around the world, thanks to modern technology) gathered to celebrate Mr. Hendricks’ innovative spirit and how it lives on daily in our workforce through the John Hendricks Innovation Awards.

Now in their third year, the John Hendricks Innovation Awards are an annual internal celebration of the most innovative and creative initiatives and programs at Discovery Communications and seeing your colleagues recognized makes you proud to be a part of the Discovery family. This year we were lucky enough to be joined by the dapper Danny Forster and two special employee co-hosts, James Williams from our Digital Media team in Silver Spring and Tess Johnson from our Sydney, Australia office. Winners ranged from the cross-departmental team behind the Gold Rush online aftershow and related on-air specials (pictured below) to the IT team responsible for an iPad app for screening our programming on the go.

2012 John Hendricks Innovation Awards Winners for the Gold Rush Aftershow with Event Hosts and Discovery Communications David Zaslav & John Hendricks

2012 John Hendricks Innovation Awards Winners for the Gold Rush Aftershow with Event Hosts and Discovery Communications David Zaslav & John Hendricks

It’s such an honor to work with talented colleagues the world over and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate our collective birthday week!

Turn Your TV to a New Destination This Memorial Day: Destination America

May 26, 2012 | by aharris

As we mark Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S., people are spending time at their favorite beaches, feasting on delicious foods and enjoying the holiday with friends and family. In fact, many of our prized memories and what make us proud to live in this country are based around people and places, something Discovery Communications will celebrate with the debut of Destination America on Monday, May 28.

Destination America Launch Graphic

From American food and mysteries to explorations of our diverse landscape, Destination America will have something for everyone with the best of travel, adventure, food, home, and natural history on one channel (formerly the home of Planet Green). You can start off by celebrating the holiday with a delicious bite of Americana with BBQ Pitmasters (at 8pm ET/PT) and can look forward to the premieres of:

  • Fast Food Mania (June 3 at 10pm ET/PT): Host Jon Hein (of The Fast Food Show on Howard Stern’s Sirius/XM station) travels across the country (and around the globe) to celebrate our fast food guilty pleasures.
  • Super-Duper Thrill Rides (June 16 at 10pm ET/PT): If you’re a roller coaster aficionado like me, strap in for a look at the most extreme attractions from Cedar Point in Ohio to Universal Studios in Florida.
  • United States of Food (July 8 at 9pm ET/PT): Chef Todd Fisher explores America’s obsession with meat, from bacon to steaks. Carnivores, you have been put on notice.

Of course, there’s more to come later this summer, like Cheating Las Vegas and Ghost Town Gold, so make sure to like Destination America on Facebook and follow @DestAmerica on Twitter for updates…and keep an eye out for the new Destination America iPhone App that will allow you to share your view of what makes this country so great!

Celebrate Earth Day with Our Discovery Family

April 21, 2012 | by aharris

Frozen Planet Polar BearsEach year on April 22 people around the world mark Earth Day, founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 in order to celebrate our planet and encourage its protection. At Discovery Communications, our commitment to celebrating the Earth stems from our company’s founding in 1985 continues today.

This Sunday, Discovery Channel in the U.S. will be marking Earth Day with a special presentation of Frozen Planet — beginning with a marathon of the David Attenborough-narated series at 2pm ET/PT and concluding with the finale, On Thin Ice, at 8pm ET/PT. To learn more about the state of our polar regions, don’t forget to check out our Frozen Planet infographics and videos from the series on

Additionally, our Discovery Education team has been busy with several Earth Day-related projects, reaching out to the younger generation to educate and engage them:

Finally, if you’re looking to learn more about our planet and its plight, don’t forget to check out Discovery News’ Earth Day Wide Angle and great coverage from our team, including Earth Day wishes from several contributors to the site.

Happy Earth Day! We hope you celebrate it with friends, family and nature.

Discovery Channel, Penn & Teller Are Ready to Lie to You

October 4, 2011 | by aharris

Penn & Teller Tell A LieAs kids we’re taught that lying is wrong. Then, as we grow up, we learn that there are nuances and those “white lies.” But there is also another class of deception — lying in the name of entertainment and enlightenment. That’s exactly what Discovery Channel is bringing us on Wednesday nights with Penn & Teller Tell A Lie (premiering at 10pm ET/PT, after MythBusters).

In the new series, hosted by the iconic Penn & Teller, viewers are presented with several stories in each episode and asked to use their knowledge and powers of deduction to detect which one is a lie. Taking the interactive guessing game to a new level, the Guess the Lie co-viewing app allows you to place your bets in real time while watching (the results will be featured in the show), and also get fun extras and chat with fans during the show. Some of the truths/lies tackled include:

  • You can melt steel with bacon.
  • A jet engine can blow out a forest fire.
  • You can lift a car with a head of human hair.
  • Wallpaper can stop a wrecking ball.

So download the app (available on iPad, iPhone and online), follow @PennJillette and @MrTeller on Twitter and be prepared to be lied to!

Happy Shark Week!

July 30, 2011 | by aharris

Great White InvasionFor many, Shark Week is one week a year — a chance to get together with friends or family, relax and enjoy those gorgeous creatures of the deep. However, here at Discovery, we’ve been busy since last August planning for an even more jawesome (I now only use sharkified words) annual event.

I have the pleasure of working with a team of ridiculously talented and passionate folks from across the company to make sure each year is even better (we’re now in year 24)…and we’re all just as excited as you are for tomorrow night! It’s hard to highlight it all, but here are some links to allow you dive in (I can’t help it!):

So enjoy having your TV set to Discovery Channel this week and let the sharks do the entertaining!