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‘Booze’ and Mike Rowe. Need We Say More?

September 18, 2012 | by aharris

How Booze Built America with Mike RoweMike Rowe has completed 300 dirty jobs for Dirty Jobs. It’s about time someone got the man a drink (aside from the Captains of Deadliest Catch). One of Discovery Channel‘s most well-known personalities and voices is hosting a new three-part series, How Booze Built America, beginning tomorrow night at 10pm ET/PT. The special will look at America’s history with liquor — from Johnny Appleseed’s tie to hard cider to the role booze played in the O.K. Corral.

So grab a beer, cocktail or mocktail and join Mike Rowe for How Booze Built America Wednesday nights through October 3! Until then, check out the Drinker’s Dictionary below with our very own Prince Eugene. (I promise the video will help that make sense.)

Travel to the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ with Animal Planet on Sunday

September 6, 2012 | by aharris

Animal Planet's 'Great Barrier Reef'Discovery Channel has journeyed Down Under with the latest installments of Dirty Jobs (Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT), and now Animal Planet will be taking viewers to a less dirty world: the Great Barrier Reef. In a new two-hour special, Great Barrier Reef, airing on Sunday, September 9, you’re invited to explore the Earth’s largest living structure spanning more than 1,200 miles and visible from space.

As a scuba diver (who sadly had to skip out on an opportunity a year ago to dive the Reef), I’ll get my fix through this beautifully filmed exploration of what lies beneath the Coral Sea (3,000 reefs and 1,500 species of fish, marine mammals and amphibians, to be exact). From fluorescent coral to lethal jellyfish, the remote cameras and cutting-edge underwater macro- and digital time-lapse photography, Great Barrier Reef will be a feast for the eyes. Don’t miss it Sunday at 9pm ET/PT!

Discovery Channel Takes ‘Dirty Jobs’ Down Under Tonight

August 22, 2012 | by aharris

Mike Rowe in 'Dirty Jobs Down Under'While I don’t have the cool accent, I consider myself a partial Aussie (my mother is still an Australian citizen after nearly 40 years in the U.S.). For that reason (and because I’m a big Mike Rowe fan), I definitely won’t miss Dirty Jobs Down Under. Yes, that’s right, Mike is traveling across the Pacific to the land of Oz and trying his hand at new dirty jobs — from chopping down poisonous milkwood trees with Aboriginal guidance to capturing protected (but dangerous) Eastern Brown snakes in Adelaide.

Watch a preview from tonight’s episode (10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel) below and make sure to follow Twitter newcomer and Dirty Jobs producer @ProducerBarsky (aka David Barsky) during the premiere for behind-the-scenes commentary!

Fill Your Holidays With Marathons From Discovery Communications

December 21, 2011 | by gweiswasser

If you’re looking at long days ahead at your in-laws’ and wondering how you’re going to pass those hours, we have just the answer for you: marathons of your favorite Discovery Communications programs! Here’s a guide to what we’ve got over the next week or two:

Tuesdays Just Got Dirtier: ‘Dirty Jobs’ Returns to Discovery with New Episodes

December 13, 2011 | by aharris

Our favorite sultan of slime and guru of grime, Mike Rowe, is back tonight in an all-new episode of Dirty Jobs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. In tonight’s installment, “Dr. Mike” tries his hand at treating Lily, an arthritic goat in need of an acupuncture treatment; next, Mike heads to New Mexico to make baby fish at a walleye hatchery as a “fish squeezer” — a job that takes split-second timing, steady hands and a lot of counting.

As with most Dirty Jobs episodes, I advise not eating dinner immediately before or during, but do make sure to hop on over to the Dirty Jobs Facebook page to connect with fellow Mike fans!

‘Discover Your Skills’ Program Extended to PSAs, Partnerships

August 23, 2011 | by gweiswasser

In May, we announced here that Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel‘s Dirty Jobs has partnered with Discovery Communications on a new multimedia initiative, Discover Your Skills, that provides unemployed and underemployed Americans with access to resources for obtaining marketable job skills while also raising the awareness of employment opportunities. It includes, an online resource providing links and information to help educate, prepare and advance entry to the workforce. 

Today, Discovery announced the expansion of Discover Your Skills, including a partnership with Montgomery College focused on better preparing students with the necessary skills to take advantage of available job opportunities, and the airing of eight public service announcements (PSAs) across its US networks and digital platforms highlighting career opportunities in the skilled trades and the importance of training workers to fill critical jobs in manufacturing, health care, energy, technology, construction and other industries. 

Here are three of the PSAs, featuring Mike Rowe, Buddy Valastro of TLC‘s Cake Boss, and Jeannette Torres from Discovery Familia:

Also today, Discovery announced that its Discovery Education division will introduce a community college service for the 2012-2013 academic year. The new service will provide curriculum-based content to support post-secondary institutions and prepare students with skills necessary to compete in today’s job market.  

The new initiatives and three of the PSAs were unveiled today at Montgomery College in Silver Spring, Md., by Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav; Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley; Montgomery College President DeRionne P. Pollard, Ph.D.; US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; Maryland Labor Secretary Alexander M. Sanchez; Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett; and Penny Pritzker, Advisory Board Chair, Skills for America’s Future, The Aspen Institute.