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Going, Going…Gone! Robots, Punt Guns & Iron Maidens on Discovery Channel

April 25, 2012 | by kdelmonico

Auction Kings was one of the first shows I worked on when I first started in social media at Discovery Channel. Set at storied Georgia auction house, Gallery 63, Paul Brown and his crew get some pretty cool and pretty strange items coming in.  I always looked forward to finding out which wacky, nostalgic, one-of-a kind items the auctions would be featured that week. The subject line of my emails would read “Hand Cannon/Faberge Pencil” or “Jim Morrison Poem/Cabbage Patch Dolls.” I, of course, immediately knew I would love my new job.

Tonight’s premiere (10pm ET/PT) is no exception, with a star-spangled T-Bucket roadster, 80s robot and iron maiden (historical torture device, not the 80s rock band) all going on the auction block.

But before Auction Kings, catch up with the Wyatt family as American Guns at 9pm ET/PT. Owners of one of the premiere gun outlets in the country, Gunsmoke, the Wyatts make, buy, sell and trade some of the most specialized guns in the country. On tonight’s premiere, Gunsmoke is commissioned to create a historical, and somewhat enormous, punt gun (preview below).

Discovery Channel Unearths Treasures on ‘Auction Kings’ & ‘Dirty Money’ Tuesday Night

August 8, 2011 | by gweiswasser

Auction Kings' Paul Brown

With the Gallery 63 auction house overflowing with its eclectic collection of items, it’s time for another season of Discovery Channel’s Auction Kings. Paul Brown and the rest of his crew have hunted down some historical treasures in the past, including handwritten poem by Jim Morrison, letters signed by Thomas Edison regarding his employees’ work performances and a Cadillac once owned by Elvis Presley. While a lot of these items are priceless to collectors, the outcome of the auction is always a gamble. The new season of Auction Kings kicks off tomorrow, August 9, at 9pm ET/PT with a World War II Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a mid-1800s woman gambler’s watch with a special (deadly) surprise.

Then, after Auction Kings, Discovery premieres its new series Dirty Money at 10pm ET/PT. Literally turning trash into treasure, John DiResta (the negotiator), and his brother Jimmy DiResta (the craftsman), take dumpster-diving to new depths. With the help of John’s son Matthew (aka “Rat Boy”), the family collects curbside items and antiques from the five New York City boroughs and transforms them into one-of-a-kind collectibles. The first episode reveals how Jimmy turns a Smith Corona No. 3 typewriter into a “steam punk” modern computer keyboard. Check out a sneak peek at the vintage keyboard below, and tune in for other transformations from garbage to flea market.

Rare Vampire-Killing Kits? Yep, ‘Auction Kings’ Has ‘Em

October 25, 2010 | by aharris

Auction Kings The team at Gallery 63 (one of the country’s most storied auction houses) is known for bizarre, high-end items — from jewel-encrusted gold pencils to softball-sized meteorites. Owner Paul Brown has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for bidders looking for the one-of-a-kind pieces that can only be found inside his doors.

On Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT, Discovery Channel debuts an all-new series, Auction Kings, which gives viewers a look at the tradition of auctioning and the history of the rare items that Paul and the Gallery 63 crew find and sell to the highest bidders.

Check out this clip from Tuesday’s premiere, as a seller brings Paul a unique item: a vampire-killing kit from the 1800s (only fitting with Halloween around the corner)…and then test your ability to guess the bid online with other, less scary items!