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This Week In…Discovery Buzz

June 21, 2015 | by lstewart

Hel-lo summer! This Sunday marks the official start of the season with the summer solstice, though here in Silver Spring, MD, temperatures have hovered in the mid-80s and 90s since early May. If that’s spring weather, I’m a little nervous to see what summer weather brings!

While we focused quite a bit on our 30th birthday this past Wednesday (have you checked out the interactive timeline of our company’s history yet?), there were lots of other news items to be buzzing about. Here are some stories you may have missed:

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Women in Prison’ Pulls Back the Curtain on Maximum Security Indiana Women’s Prison

June 11, 2015 | by lstewart

Ever wonder what life is really like for inmates living in a maximum security prison? Investigation Discovery’s ground-breaking docu-series, Women in Prison, is pulling back the curtain on life in prison in a three-part event that is as intriguing as it is thrilling. The program, premiering tonight at 10pm ET/CT, profiles several women who, after one tragic misstep, ended up on the wrong side of the law – and in Indiana Women’s Prison.

From a suburban soccer mom, to a high school art teacher and a Preacher’s daughter, viewers will meet a series of unlikely convicts who share details on their crimes and reveal how they survive in such a hostile environment.

Take a look at the preview below, and be sure to tune in tonight to Investigation Discovery at 10pm ET/CT. Parts two and three of the docu-series will air at 10pm ET/CT on June 18 and 25, respectively.

This Week In…Discovery Buzz

May 29, 2015 | by lstewart

Happy Friday! No three-day weekend waiting for us this time around, but Friday still feels like a small victory.

Love dogs? (Is that really a question?) If you’re in the Philadelphia area, swing by Animal Planet’s local Road to Puppy Bowl event this Saturday at PAWS Northeast Adoption Center between 12-4pm ET to help animals of all size, shape and breed find their forever homes. To learn more about the event, check out the official e-invite here.

Here’s some other recent company news:

And since we’re on the subject of animals, let’s not stop there! Check out the sneak peek below of Animal Planet’s Treetop Cat Rescue, premiering tomorrow night at 9pm ET/CT.

Discovery Channel and Investigation Discovery Rank as #1 Favorite Channels in Latest Beta Research Study

April 22, 2015 | by lstewart

The latest results of the Beta Research Cable Subscriber Study – Brand Identity of Basic Cable/Broadcast Networks have been released, with Discovery Communications receiving top rankings for several of its U.S. networks. For the 9th year in a row, Discovery Channel ranks #1 (tie) as a favorite channel among total viewers, this year sharing the top ranking with the company’s own Investigation Discovery (ID).

Discovery’s portfolio of networks also claimed the #1 ranking in a number of additional categories. Discovery Channel tied for #1 with Investigation Discovery on being described as bold/tries new things and also tied for #1 with Animal Planet for being described as informative and distinctive. Discovery Channel, ID and Animal Planet grabbed the #1 ranking in a multi-network company tie this year for having many original programs and series. Also receiving high marks in several categories of its own, Animal Planet ranked #1 or tied for #1 among total viewers on being high-quality and entertaining.

Other notable study results for Discovery Communications’ networks include:

  • Discovery Channel ranked #1 (tie) among total viewers on being described as valuable.
  • Among male viewers of a cable network, Animal Planet ranked or tied for #1 when described as distinctive, entertaining, high quality, informative and valuable.
  • ID also ranked #1 (tie) on being valuable among viewers age 18-34.
  • Science Channel tied for #1 as being informative among male viewers 18-34 and female viewers 18-49.
  • American Heroes Channel (AHC) tied as a #1 favorite channel among viewers 25-54 and for being entertaining among male viewers. AHC also ranked #1 on being bold/trying new things among total female viewers.

*Note – Some #1 rankings for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are based on basic networks (excluding digital basic networks). On some #1 rankings, a Discovery network statistically tied for #1, rating an insignificant one to two points below another network(s).

This Week In…Discovery Buzz

March 27, 2015 | by lstewart

Another Friday for the books – and another weekend ahead to enjoy!

Since Rich Ross took over as President of Discovery Channel in January of this year, fans of the network have been eagerly waiting to hear how programming will take shape under his leadership. Earlier this week, Discovery Channel announced several new series and specials green-lighted under Ross, including: Treasure Quest, an adventure series about a team hunting for missing gold in Brazil; Lunar XPrize, a competition series in which 30 teams of engineers race to land a robot on the moon; Pacific Warriors, which follows Hawaiian commercial fisherman; and Cuban Chrome, a car series filmed in Havana. You can get the full scoop by clicking here.

Here are some other stories you may have missed:

Enjoy your weekend!

This Week In…Discovery Buzz

March 20, 2015 | by lstewart

Happy Friday – and more importantly, Happy First Day of Spring! Like much of the northeast and Tri-State area, DC got some snow this morning, though I’d like to think that it was just winter’s way of having one last dance before making a reappearance nine months from now.

Here are some stories you may have missed this week:

And don’t forget: Bering Sea Gold returns tonight to the Discovery Channel at 10pm ET/PT. Take a look at the video below of what’s in store this season.