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Discovery’s Adventurous Sunday Lineup

August 19, 2012 | by kdelmonico

Shark Week may be over, but there is no shortage of adventure on Discovery Channel tonight. Survivorman fans can rejoice – Les Stroud is back! On tonight’s premiere at 8pm ET/PT, Les returns to some of the harshest wilderness in the world to survive with little food, no water or gear, and no safety or camera crew – for ten consecutive days.

After Survivorman, don’t miss the premiere of One Car Too Far, when a former British Special Forces operative and American car junkie are dropped in a desert with only their instincts to survive and get themselves – and their car – to safety. Then, at 10pm ET/PT Discovery goes inside the mystery of Amelia Earhart on Finding Amelia Earhart: Mystery Solved?. The special chronicles a mission to find Earhart’s plane on the ocean floor and what was found may have solved this ages-old mystery.

Check out a sneak peek of Survivorman and tune in to Discovery tonight at 8pm ET/PT!

Les Stroud’s Back in Discovery Channel’s ‘Beyond Survival’

August 26, 2010 | by aharris

After braving the wilderness on his own in Survivorman, award-winning filmmaker, author and outdoor adventurer/instructor Les Stroud (@reallesstroud on Twitter) is returning to Discovery Channel with Beyond Survival this Friday, August 27, at 10pm ET/PT. However, this time Les is journeying to some of the most remote places on the planet to meet indigenous tribes and take part in their rituals and ceremonies, discovering how their cultures have endured.

Friday’s premiere takes viewers to Sri Lanka to introduce the 2,500-year-old practice of “devil dances,” an all-night healing ceremony involving masked dancers imitating disease-causing demons. Devil dances have even become a staple at many five-star hotels in the area!

Check out a preview of the series below and take a tribal trip from your couch Fridays at 10pm ET/PT.