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Take a Trip to ‘Africa’ from the Comfort of Your Living Room with Discovery

January 8, 2013 | by aharris
A Black Rhino Arrives at a Secret Waterhole at Night (Photo Credit: Paul Brehem)

A Black Rhino Arrives at a Secret Waterhole at Night (Photo Credit: Paul Brehem)

If you’re like me, you have a long list of the places in the world you want to visit in your lifetime. I’ve been fortunate enough to check off a good number, including South Africa (meet the young leopard I met on Safari below), but the rest of the African continent is still on my list.

One of the Many Animals I Met on My Safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve (Photo Credit: Amber Harris)Until I find the time to take off work and someone willing to fund my worldwide travels, I’m fortunate (along with you) to have Africa, a new special from Discovery Channel and BBC (from the same team behind the award-winning Life).

I could go on and on about the filmmaking firsts and amazing production facts from the series, but better to let you explore them yourself. In the clip below from tonight’s episode, Kalahari, a group of endangered black rhinos, who are thought to be mostly solitary, gather at a watering hole. Future episodes (all Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel) take us to the savannah, the Congo, the cape and the Sahara desert. Visit for breathtaking photos, stunning video and more!

The Reviews Are In: Don’t Miss ‘Frozen Planet’ This Sunday

March 16, 2012 | by aharris

Frozen Planet BannerSome of my favorite projects from my almost ten years at Discovery are the iconic series we’ve partnered with the BBC to produce — from Planet Earth (I rallied employes to create a giant mosaic and recorded it as time-lapse video) to Life (where we welcomed guests to our Twitter account for expert commentary each Sunday). This Sunday, you’ll be blown away again with the premiere of Frozen Planet. If you haven’t caught penguin fever yet (thanks to Penguin Cam, our penguins on a plane or those criminal penguins), resistance is futile.

And, while I may be considered a biased voice, the critics can’t stop raving. Here are just a few of their thoughts:

  • “Perhaps the single greatest accomplishment in nature TV history. **** (4 stars)”  – Linda Stasi, New York Post, March 16, 2012
  • “It’s mesmerizing.” **** (4 stars)  – People, March 26, 2012
  • “10 out of 10” – “Frozen Planet chills and thrills with images that leave the armchair traveler speechless… dazzling … astonishing…”  – Matt Roush, TV Guide, March 12, 2012
  • “…one of those instantly riveting series where you marvel at the beauty and majesty of it all but also spare more than a passing thought for the effort involved.”  – Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter, March 8, 2012
  • “Stunning, beautiful, hypnotic, engrossing, spectacular… That oughta do it … except “Frozen Planet” unexpectedly adds another word: Unprecedented.”  – Verne Gay, Newsday, March 14, 2012
  • “So vivid it will leave you shivering. (Must List #5)  – Entertainment Weekly, March 23, 2012

If that’s not enough, you may find this VIP screening our friends at SeaWorld pulled together for our Penguin Cam penguins the most compelling evidence:

Don’t miss Frozen Planet this Sunday at 7:57pm ET/PT (yes, we’re starting a bit early) on Discovery Channel (with simulcasts on several of our sister nets), and don’t forget to:

Discovery Channel Explores Our ‘Human Planet’

April 8, 2011 | by gweiswasser

If you are a fan of Discovery Channel‘s Life and Planet Earth, then get ready for Human Planet.  Like the other two series, Human Planet is a sweeping and visually stunning presentation, this time focusing on people’s incredible ability to survive and thrive in our planet’s most extreme environments.

From oceans to jungles to deserts, Human Planet tells the story of the complex, profound and sometimes challenging relationship between humankind and nature. Premiering on Sunday night at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel and narrated by Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe, Human Planet‘s six episodes take viewers around the globe to look at life on the extremes.

Go behind the scenes of Human Planet, take a quiz to test your survival skills, and take a look at what you’ll see on Human Planet starting on Sunday night:

Spying on Polar Bears with Animal Planet

March 9, 2011 | by aharris

Polar Bear: Spy on the IceIf you’re a fan of Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth and Life, make a note on your calendar to catch Animal Planet‘s Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice this Thursday night. As with the former series, Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice leverages production technology (in this case spy cameras) to capture animal behavior in a new and fascinating light.

Premiering Thursday at 10pm ET/PT on Animal Planet, Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice follows polar bear mothers Aesa and Svanna as they lead their cubs on a journey across frozen land in arctic Norway to sea ice on the edge of the polar ice cap. What’s at the end of their multiple month trek? Fertile hunting grounds for seals.

Check out a clip from the special below and curl up with your family to watch their journey tomorrow night.

It’s Cyber Monday at

November 29, 2010 | by gweiswasser

Today is Cyber Monday, the day that millions of people flock to their computers for holiday deals and steals. has gotten in on the action, with a number of fantastic online only deals that are valid through midnight ET tonight.

For example,  get the Life and Planet Earth DVDs and Blu-ray sets at their lowest prices of the season today — up to 75% off regular price. Or do you have Cake Boss or MythBusters fans on your list? Talking Buddy Valastro Bobbleheads are only $11.99 today (enter the code “CAKE” at checkout), and the MythBusters Adam and Jamie Talking Bobblehead set is only $24.95 before midnight (enter the code “BOBBLE” at checkout).

There are great deals throughout, no matter who’s on your list. Check out the site and start crossing off those names…happy shopping!

Employees ‘Creating Change’: Meet Betsy Clawson

October 21, 2010 | by aharris

Last week, we introduced you to Beth Stewart, one of our many talented employees who will be volunteering their creativity and time to  Discovery Impact: Creating Change — a 12-hour marathon event benefiting nonprofits in need of marketing, communications and creative services. Today, we introduce you to Betsy Clawson from our Global Events team.

Betsy ClawsonTell us about your current position at Discovery Communications.
I am part of the Global Events team and work with departments across Discovery’s network and business divisions to produce events that allow press, clients, consumers and influential audiences the opportunity to positively interact with Discovery’s brands.

You may know me from my work on…
I’ve been with Discovery for over four years and have been fortunate enough to be involved in many amazing projects including the Planet Earth, Shark Week 20th Anniversary and When We Left Earth premiere screenings in New York; CatchCon; the Upfronts; the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge; Silverdocs and many more. However, 2010 has brought some of the most memorable events yet with the premiere screenings of Life in Los Angeles, New York and DC featuring some of this country’s most prestigious orchestras; Phil Harris’ public memorial on Seattle’s Puget Sound; the TLC Summer bash which was hosted on a rooftop overlooking New York’s Fifth Avenue; Discovery’s 25th Anniversary Celebration; The Hub‘s LA launch event complete with giant slide; and most recently Planet Green’s Dean of Invention premiere in Brooklyn which combined bowling and robots… amazing!

Life Screening

Life Screening

TLC Summer Party

TLC Summer Party

The Hub's LA Launch Party

The Hub's LA Launch Party

Where do you find creative inspiration?
From Discovery of course! A large part of my job entails developing creative solutions to address logistical issues including: set-up, timing, guest flow, messaging and budgetary challenges. Often times by focusing on the content itself I can identify successful ways to better represent the network, while solving the dilemma at hand.

What are you most looking forward to during the Creating Change pro-bono marathon event?
During June’s Discover Your Impact Day, I (like many others) enjoyed getting involved and supporting the local community. I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves again and working with colleagues to help local nonprofit organizations that need assistance articulating their message and learning how to inspire their core audiences through innovative events.

Can you share with us one nonprofit we may not be aware of and a little bit about them?
Three years ago my two and a half year old friend Eliza was diagnosed with late-infantile Metachromatic Leukodystophy (MLD), a progressive and terminal disease that has robed her of the ability to walk, crawl, sit-up, talk, eat independently and see. To help raise awareness for this and other rare neurological diseases, Eliza’s parents have helped found Teamgive. Teamgive is an organization that brings together active professionals to participate in community and corporate-sponsored charitable cycling and similar athletic events to support research for the treatment and cures of rare neurological diseases like MLD.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me…
Wait is there an option not to work…? (Kidding, of course. ) You’ll find me at the movie theater, with family and friends, or spending time with the kids that I have the great opportunity of sharing stories with and teaching silly songs each week.

If you’re with a nonprofit interested in applying to participate in Creating Change,  there’s one day left. Simply, fill out the online application by Friday, October 22!