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This Week In…Discovery Buzz

March 6, 2015 | by lstewart

Happy Friday, everyone!

There are some pretty stunning (and exciting!) programs coming down the pipeline that that all revolve around exploring the lesser known pockets of the world. It begins with Discovery’s Dolphins: Spy in the Pod airing tomorrow, March 7 at 8 pm ET/PT. The one-hour special will provide viewers with unprecedented access to bottlenose and spinner dolphin pods, thanks to the use of robotic fish who are outfitted with cameras. On Sunday, April 5, viewers can join three friends who just happen to be extreme adrenaline junkies as they trek roughly 100 miles in the wild over the course of four days in the premiere of Animal Planet’s 100 Miles from Nowhere. (I first wrote about the series in an earlier blog post from the TCAs this past January. Note the name of the series has changed from Matt on the Run.) And on Saturday, April 25, tune into Discovery’s first-ever Elevation Weekend

Here are some other stories from this past week you may have missed:

This Week In…Discovery Buzz

February 20, 2015 | by lstewart

Happy Friday! Though I can’t really speak for everyone here at our Silver Spring headquarters, I feel pretty comfortable saying that most – if not all – of us have been less than thrilled with the brutally cold weather that’s come through. While it may not be nearly as cold down here as it is in other parts of the country (it’s all relative, of course), the balmy 5 degree temperature this morning in Washington D.C. was enough to break a 120-year-old record, besting the previous “lowest low” of 8 degrees measured in 1896. It doesn’t really get that cold down here often: in fact, the last time a winter record low was broken was January 1994.

But I digress. What’s going on in the world of Discovery? Here are some stories you may have missed this week:

Have a great weekend, and stay warm!

Television Critics Association Panels Propel Networks into Spring Season

January 9, 2015 | by lstewart

Yesterday here in Pasadena, many of Discovery Communications’ networks previewed a selection of upcoming programming to journalists from around the country at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour. You can read more about the event, including which networks participated and what specific programs they presented here.

Science Channel announced What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, where real-life friends Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore work to decipher what went wrong in the most outrageous internet fail videos. The series will premiere on Saturday, February 7 at 10pm ET/CT.


Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore from Science Channel’s ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ with Josh Berkley, Executive Producer

Destination America announced the premiere of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling on the network. Voracious fans can get in on the non-stop action and explosive entertainment on Friday, January 16 at 9pm ET/CT.


Marc Etkind, General Manager, Destination America with TNA Wrestlers Chris Melendez and Ken Anderson from Destination America’s ‘TNA Impact Wrestling’ and the President of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, Dixie Carter

Animal Planet announced Matt on the Run, where weekend adventurer Matt Galland and his adrenaline-junkie best buddies Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson venture to some of the most untouched pockets of the world in an effort to trek roughly 100 miles in four days. The series will premiere in February.


Rick Holzman, General Manager, Animal Planet with Matt Galland, Blake Josephson and Danny Bryson from Animal Planet’s ‘Matt on the Run’

TLC announced My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which follows the life of overnight internet sensation Whitney Thore (“A Fat Girl Dancing”) with all the ups and downs, humor, heart and tears that come with being a fat girl in today’s world. The nine-part series premieres Tuesday, January 13 at 10pm ET/PT.


Whitney Thore from TLC’s ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’

Discovery Life Channel announced New Girls on the Block, which follows a group of highly inspirational and entertaining women from Kansas City, Mo. – all friends and some couples – who happen to be transgender. The six-part series premieres on Thursday, April 2 at 10pm ET/CT.


Jay James, Executive Producer, Conveyor Media; the Head of the Transgender Institute, Caroline Gibbs; Macy Graham-Kimbrough, Sharon Granger, Robyn Clarke, and Andrew Boyce from Discovery Life Channel’s ‘New Girls on the Block’

American Heroes Channel announced its exclusive rights to Surrender, a new documentary that captures the saga that unfolded during the final episodes of World War II and the first steps into a new world. The two-part special will air this spring to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.


Kevin Bennett, General Manager, Investigation Discovery and American Heroes Channel

Investigation Discovery announced Vanity Fair Confidential, where mysteries from the pages of Vanity Fair magazine are lifted on to the television in a series of hour-long episodes, offering exclusive insights interlaced with first-person accounts from those involved in each case. The new series will premiere Monday, January 19 at 9pm ET/CT.


Dana Brown, Deputy Editor, Vanity Fair; Bryan Burrough, Special Correspondent, Vanity Fair and writer, “The Counterfeit Rockefeller;” Gry Park, Ex-wife of the Counterfeit Rockefeller, Christophe Rocancourt; Michelle Kramer, Featured in Buzz Bissinger’s “The Runaway Doctor” story; Steven Weinstock, Executive Producer, True Entertainment; Michael Klein, Executive Producer, Conde Nast Entertainment

Discovery officially introduced new Discovery Channel President Rich Ross, who took some time to field questions from the media about his new role and his visions for the network. Discovery then welcomed MythBusters co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to the stage, who announced that the fan-favorite show will have a fresh look and feel as it heads into its latest season – complete with new high-res cameras and special Simpsons and Indiana Jones collaborations The new season premieres on Saturday, January 10 at 9pm ET/CT.


Rich Ross, President, Discovery Channel


Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Discovery Channel’s ‘MythBusters’


Discovery Communications Unveils New Programming at 2015 Winter TCAs

January 8, 2015 | by lstewart

Just in time to avoid the biting cold that is taking over the east coast, I’ve jumped ship – or plane, rather – to sunny Pasadena, CA for the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour. The semi-annual gathering brings in journalists from across the country and is a chance for networks to share with everyone in attendance some of the most exciting programming they have lined up for the upcoming season.

Discovery Communications is presenting today, and we’ll be tweeting live updates on Twitter and uploading photos of the event as individual panels happen on our Flickr.

Stay tuned for a recap later today. In the meantime, check out what some of our networks are announcing today:

Science Channel

Science Channel Dares to Ask What Could Possibly Go Wrong? This February

Destination America

Destination America Rings in 2015 with Brand-New Knockout Premieres of Impact Wrestling

Animal Planet

Adventure Junkies Take Off-the-Beaten Path and Brave Nature’s Extreme Elements in Animal Planet’s Matt on the Run


“Fat Girl” Whitney Thore Dances Her Way to New TLC Series

Discovery Life

Discovery Life Channel Explores Lives in Transition with Transgender Series New Girls on the Block, Premiering April 2

Complete With Bewildering Births, Bucket Lists, and Bizarre Medical Anomalies, Discovery Life Channel Unveils January Debut Slate


American Heroes Channel Welcomes Legendary Journalist Tom Brokaw Back to the Network in New Special “The Men Who Changed the World”

American Heroes Channel Secures Exclusive North American Premiere of “Surrender,” Documenting WWII’s Final Battles and the First Steps into a New World

Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery Welcomes Emmy Award Winning Journalist Chris Hansen to Network in New Series

Honoring the Courage of Law Enforcement, Investigation Discovery Greenlights In The Line of Fire from Atlas Media

Vanity Fair’s Legendary Crime Dramas Come to Life on Investigation Discovery’s New Series “Vanity Fair Confidential”

Investigation Discovery’s All-New Special “Hate in America” Probes Modern-Day Hate Crimes in the Land of Liberty and Justice for All


MythBusters Kicks Off the New Year with All-New Episodes Beginning Sat, Jan 10


This Week In…Discovery Buzz

December 19, 2014 | by lstewart

Fridays are usually one of the more lively days in the office as the weekend looms near, but this Friday in particular is especially buzzy as we all head into some much-welcomed time off for the holidays. (It’s also possible that employees are literally buzzing from all of the cookies, cupcakes, fudge, buckeyes and other sugary treats that have been passed around the last few days!)

This week we shared some exciting news for fans to look forward to in the new year, including a special episode of Mythbusters that seeks to get to the bottom of some Simpsons-inspired myths and a new season of Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Julie Chen, Sean Hayes and Angie Harmon.

Here are some other stories you may have missed:

There’s a lot more exciting programming news coming your way as we begin the new year, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out this video below that gives fans an idea of what they can expect as Discovery Fit & Health becomes Discovery Life next month:

Discovery’s ‘MythBusters’ Joines Forces with White House, NIH in Ebola PSA

December 15, 2014 | by lstewart

Discovery has teamed up with the White House and the National Institutes of Health to create a PSA with MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who encourage viewers to “get the facts and find reliable information” about Ebola.

In the 30-second PSA, Adam and Jamie acknowledge that there are “a lot of rumors and false information popping up” about the deadly virus, and while the virus should certainly be taken seriously, sensationalized stories can do more to “freak us out” than to advise us on what we should do. The PSA also includes words of encouragement from Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

This isn’t the first time Adam and Jamie have put their myth-busting skills to work in response to a global health crisis. In 2009, the guys joined forces with the United States Department of Health and Human Services to make a PSA about H1N1 (aka Swine Flu).

The PSA is airing now through December 28 on Discovery, Science Channel and Discovery Fit & Health. For more information and facts about Ebola visit