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‘AmeriCARna’ Premieres Tonight on Velocity

January 28, 2014 | by akowalczyk

AmericarnaTonight, Velocity will take automobile enthusiasts on a wild ride through American car history with new series, AmeriCARna, premiering at 8PM ET/PT.

With three-time NASCAR champion Ray Evernham at the wheel, Velocity will lead viewers on a cross-country trek, chasing down the cars that had a profound impact on shaping America’s national identity. From the inception of American racing at the turn of 20th century, to the Woody wagons that defined California culture in the 50’s and 60’s, to the infamous drag strips of the 70’s, automotive history has left an indelible imprint on the American experience and our cultural DNA.

In tonight’s premiere episode, host Ray Evernham meets up with surfing legend and revolutionary waterman, Laird Hamilton, to explore the iconic Woody Wagon, a staple in the beach community adopted by surfers nationwide as a fitting chariot to transport their gear. Additional episodes feature historical automotive insight from famed director Ron Howard (Arrested Development, The DaVinci Code, Apollo 13) , music legend Mike Love (The Beach Boys),Country superstar Brad Paisley, and Hot Rod racing guru Don Prudholme.

Check out the sneak peek below, and we hope you’ll take a ride with us tonight!


Discovery Channel Strikes It Rich with Klondike Premiere

January 17, 2014 | by akowalczyk

On Monday, Discovery will premiere the networks’s first-ever scripted mini-series, Klondike. Featuring an all-star cast including Richard Madden (King of the North Robb Stark of Game of Thrones A Promise), Abbie Cornish (RoboCop, Limitless), Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) and Sam Shepard (August: Osage County, Out Of The Furnace), Klondike tells the powerful story of the last great Gold Rush in our history. This epic six hour, three night television event kicks off on Discovery Channel Monday, January 20 at 9 PM ET/PT, followed by part two Tuesday, January 21 at 9PM ET/PT and part three Wednesday, January 22 at 9PM ET/PT.

Last night, Discovery fans, partners, executives and media gathered for a gold carpet premiere at the Best Buy Theater in new York City to celebrate this network first. With a Monte Carlo bar, life-size Dawson City recreation and the Klondike stars themselves, the premiere fully immersed guests into 1897 world of the Yukon Territory.

Additionally, today through Monday, the public is invited to travel back in time to the height of the 1890′s Yukon Gold Rush with a life-size replication of Dawson City, the original city that never slept, at the Discovery Times Square Exhibit. Tickets are free and available for reservation

Unable to make it to New York but ready to start exploring the wild Yukon territory? Discovery has an engaging site of Klondike extras, including “Behind the Scenes” clips, a digital history of the Klondike Gold Rush, and intimate interviews with stars Richard Madden and Abbie Cornish.

Get a taste for what’s to come with the images below and make sure you tune in Monday for this golden TV adventure!

Best Buy Theatre

Best Buy Theatre

Monte Carlo Bar

Monte Carlo Bar

Stars Abbie Cornish and Richard Madden

Klondike Premiere

Klondike Premiere

Dawson City

Dawson City


Get in the Holiday Spirit with Discovery Unwrapped

December 6, 2013 | by kdelmonico

The holiday season is officially upon us and Discovery Channel is giving the gift that keeps on giving – eight nights of fan-favorite series, some with a holiday twist, premieres and specials during Discovery Unwrapped.

The week-long programming event kicks off Sunday, December 8 with a two-hour special episode of Naked & Afraid at 8PM ET/PT followed by the series premiere of the highly anticipated new series Dude, You’re Screwed at 10PM ET/PT.

On Monday, fans of  Fast ‘N Loud’s Richard and Aaron can join them as they try to secure a $25,000 autograph from legendary actor Burt Reynolds in the two-part special “Smokey and the Bandit.” Then on Tuesday, viewers can celebrate Christmas with two very different specials, with the Moonshiners Christmas Special and A Very Amish Christmas. With more new episodes and specials throughout the week, each night brings more fun and cheer than the last!

Check out a sneak peek of Dude, You’re Screwed below and happy Discovery Unwrapped week!

Celebrate Thanksgiving With ‘Punkin Chunkin’

November 26, 2013 | by kdelmonico

Mythbusters Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara Host 'Punkin Chunkin'Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! Things around the office are starting to feel a little quieter as we inch towards time with family, friends, and of course, Punkin Chunkin.

Every year, pumpkin-launching enthusiasts gather in Delaware for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition. Hosted by Mythbusters’ Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, Punkin Chunkin is part awesome science experiment and part genuine Americana, adding up to the biggest, loudest, greatest pumpkin hurling competition in the world.

When you’re settling in for a post-turkey TV marathon on Thanksgiving night, you can get in on all the high-flying Punkin Chunkin fun starting at 8PM ET/PT and simulcast on Science Channel and Discovery Channel. You can kick off the holiday a little early with a piano-Chunk below!

Penguins ‘Waddle’ Their Way Onto Discovery This Saturday

November 20, 2013 | by kdelmonico

Penguins: Waddle All The WayI, like many, have a soft spot in my heart for penguins so I was personally thrilled to learn that this Saturday, Discovery Channel is fulfilling my wish of a life with more penguins (and, really, is that so much to ask?) with its new BBC co-production, Penguins: Waddle All The Way.

Premiering Saturday, November 23 at 9PM ET/PT, Penguins: Waddle All the Way is a two-hour special event dedicated to exploring the colorful secrets behind the elusive world of penguins.

Award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer developed a team of Penguin Spy Cams, developed to look as lifelike as penguins themselves, allowing us to take an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of three different penguin species: emperor penguins in Antarctica, rockhopper penguins on the Falkland Islands, and Humboldt penguins in the Atacama Desert of Peru. The Penguin Cams can swim, toboggan, waddle, jump and even lay fake eggs and even look so life-like that some of the penguins try to befriend them.

Can’t wait until Saturday for all the fun? Check out a sneak peek of Penguins: Waddle All the Way below!


Science Channel’s First Scripted Feature Film ‘The Challenger Disaster’ Premieres Saturday

November 15, 2013 | by akowalczyk

Last night, the Science Channel invited more than 400 VIPs from around the world  gathered at the New York Times building in Manhattan to celebrate the premiere of The Challenger Disaster, the network’s first scripted feature film, telling the story of the Space Shuttle Challenger‘s fatal explosion in 1986.

Event attendees included Academy Award-winning actor and star of The Challenger Disaster William Hurt; the cast of Science Channels’ Oddities; Peter Facinelli of the Twilight series; Emmy Award-winning actress Ellen Barkin; Kelly Bensimon of The Real Housewives of New York and Porschla Kidd, model, actress and wife of Jason Kidd, as well as many members of the media and industry partners.

The Challenger Disaster, premiering on Discovery Channel and Science Channel on Saturday at 9pm ET/PT, dives deep into the role science played in solving the mystery behind the tragedy. William Hurt portrays celebrated, legendary Nobel-prize winning physicist Dr. Richard Feynman in the film. Following the tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986, Feynman was part of a special Presidential Commission charged with determining the tragedy’s cause.

Catch the preview of The Challenger Disaster as well as some premiere photos below, and we hope you join us on Saturday!


The Science Channel Team

The Science Channel Team


Screenwriter Kate Gartside, left to right, executive producer Rocky Collins, actor William Hurt, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Science Channel Debbie Myers, and director James Hawes,

Screenwriter Kate Gartside, left to right, executive producer Rocky Collins, actor William Hurt, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Science Channel Debbie Myers, and director James Hawes,


Debbie Myers, Science Channel, GM

Debbie Myer, Science Channel, GM