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‘Gold Rush’ Returns to Discovery Channel Tomorrow

October 16, 2014 | by lstewart

The wait is almost over! The fifth season of Gold Rush premieres tomorrow, October 17th on Discovery Channel at 9PM ET/PT.

This season, the stakes are higher than ever. After braving the jungles of Guyana, South America, Todd Hoffman is back after losing his land, his crew and most of his money. Meanwhile, Parker Schnabel has set an outrageous goal for himself, looking to double the 1,000 ounces of gold that he brought in last season – worth 1.4 million dollars – to 2,000 ounces this time around. Tony Beets has his own challenges ahead, as he took a huge risk by purchasing a $1 million, 75-year-old floating gold dredge.

It’s a new season with new beginnings. Check out a sneak peek of the season premiere of Gold Rush below, and don’t miss tomorrow night’s premiere!

Welcome to the Jungle: Gold Rush Returns to Discovery

October 24, 2013 | by kdelmonico

Gold Rush Season FourFans of Discovery’s Gold Rush can rejoice – the series is back for a fourth season, premiering Friday at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery. This season, Todd Hoffman has made the decision not to return to the Klondike as he and his crew head to warmer climates to find gold in the Guyana jungle. Meanwhile, Parker Schnable is doing “what Todd Hoffman couldn’t”, as he pushes into the Yukon to strike gold. The Dakota boys are back in Alaska, ready to hit the big time as they continue their three-year search for gold.

Fans can also get in on the action and enter for their chance to hit the mother lode through the Go for Gold Sweeps for the chance to win $100,000. Watch the premiere of Gold Rush on Friday, October 25 at 9PM ET/PT for the code to enter. If you can’t wait until Friday, check out a sneak peek of the upcoming season below:


Strike Gold This Friday on Discovery Channel

October 24, 2012 | by kdelmonico

This Friday, the Gold Rush crews return to Discovery Channel for their third season of trying to strike it rich — and this season, one of them does. The stakes are higher as Todd doubles down on two claims he is, quite literally, banking everything on, while Dakota Fred’s glory hole may contain millions in gold.

Before the premiere, tune in at 7:30pm ET/PT for Gold Rush: Do or Die to find out what’s happened since the miners went home after the second season. The Gold Rush guys will be tweeting live and some of their tweets will appear during the episode. You also can tweet live with the #GoldRush hashtag during the episode and you might see your Tweet live on air as we count down to the season premiere at 9pm ET/PT.

Later, two rookie American gold miners head to Ghana to tap into the potential multi-million dollar gold claims buried in the dense jungles there on the premiere of Jungle Gold. While worrying about cold weather isn’t a factor in Ghana, mining is the easy part in this region, as the high stakes of the gold trade result in dangerous conditions amongst the miners.
Check out a sneak peek of Jungle Gold below and don’t miss the series premiere Friday at 10pm ET/PT.

Welcome to the Jungle

August 17, 2012 | by kdelmonico

The Gold Rush guys are back, and this time it’s a jungle out there. On Friday’s special episode, Gold Rush: The Jungle, the crew heads to the jungles of Guyana in South America in the hopes of striking gold. The country produces 400,000 ounces of gold a year legally, and with production estimates being potentially twice that, the miners are trying to grab their piece of the pie. While the jungle provides a respite from some of the challenges the crew faced in Alaska, snakes, torrential downpours, shady business dealings and more may not be a good trade.

Check out a sneak peek of Gold Rush: The Jungle, Friday on Discovery Channel at 9pm ET/PT. Stay tuned after the episode for The Aftershow, an in-depth discussion between the miners and Executive Producer, Christo Doyle.

Get Ready for the ‘Gold Rush’ Season Finale with Twitter-Infused Episodes

February 24, 2012 | by aharris

Gold Rush MinersSocial media has become an intrinsic part of our TV watching experience. In fact, according to a recent report from Nielsen and NM Incite, 44% of TV viewers are visiting a social network site  on their tablet or smartphone while watching. Our in-house Social Media team spends countless hours connecting with our fans and listening to their reactions to our shows (which we love), and tonight Discovery Channel will mesh the two in special social media editions of Gold Rush.

Following today’s all-day marathon, at 7 and 8pm ET/PT, you can tune in to see fan Tweets edited into two of this season’s episodes (think Pop Up Video meets Gold Rush). Then, stay tuned at 9pm ET/PT for the season 2 finale (preview below) and find out if Todd, Jack and the crew get the 100 ounces of gold they so desperately desire.


Friday Nights Are Solid with the Return of ‘Gold Rush’ on Discovery

October 27, 2011 | by aharris
Gold Rush' Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin Strike Gold in NYC

Gold Rush' Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin Strike Gold in NYC

At One Discovery Place the Rush is on: Gold Rush. Discovery Channel‘s hit series is back for a second season, as we follow the miners from Oregon in the search of solid gold for their families.

Discovery debuted a special episode, The Off-Season, online last week so fans could catch up on Todd Hoffman and the crew as they head north for another season, and today Todd and Dave Turin took to NYC in anticipation of tomorrow’s premiere. With many folks working hard to make ends meet, Discovery Channel is also inviting people in Chicago, DC and LA to fill up with $20 worth of free gas on Friday morning. The locations will be announced on at midnight tonight and you can enter you email address to get an alert.

Ariel Tweto

Flying Wild Alaska's Ariel Tweto

Finally, as you tune in on Friday at 9pm ET/PT to the premiere, you can join Todd and his dad Jack Hoffman at and ask your questions during the episode. Also, the adventure doesn’t stop with Gold Rush; the new season of Flying Wild Alaska is up immediately after, as we follow the Twetos and the family-run Era Alaska. Will Ariel earn her pilot’s license this season? Tune in Fridays at 10pm ET/PT to find out and join her, @ArielTweto, on Twitter at 10pm ET as she live-tweets the premiere!