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Science Channel Announces Largest Investment in Original Programming in Network History

-- Programming Slate for 2009-2010 Upfront Slate Announced --

(New York, N.Y.) Building upon the successful launch of the new programming strategy in fourth quarter 2008, Science Channel’s 2009-10 Upfront Season features a record number of original series and specials, an expanded emphasis on the network’s robust talent pool and a new emphasis in simultaneously streamed viewing.

A cornerstone of the network’s mission to make science thrilling, entertaining and surprising is adding new experts and unexpected personalities to its robust base of specialists, hosts and presenters. Beginning in the first quarter of 2010, Science Channel will premiere a major new series about the mysteries of the universe created and hosted by space enthusiast and Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. And in the fourth quarter of 2009, Academy, Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg joins the network as executive producer of Science Channel’s first-ever game show. Also in fourth quarter of 2009, Science Channel brings SCI Q Sunday’s host Michio Kaku’s New York Times best-selling book “Physics of the Impossible” vividly to life in an original series.

Adding to the passionate audience’s viewing experience, Science Channel will offer a new “simul-stream” experience on select programs, including the quiz show Head Games (wt). These special offerings will allow fans to simultaneously play along and screen multiple levels of information through online, mobile and traditional on-air experiences. The network will pilot this offering beginning in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Science Channel will also premiere quarterly specials that showcase significant, powerful and life-changing current events from around the globe through quick turn-around “instamentaries” and live events. These specials give in-depth context to major breakthroughs, findings and discoveries, bringing viewers to the forefront of what’s next following events such as NASA missions, natural disasters, global news and more.

“With a historic commitment to original programming and an unyielding dedication to growing a diverse slate of experts and personalities, Science Channel speaks to a very broad audience of engaged viewers,” said Deborah Adler Myers, senior vice president, programming, Discovery Emerging Networks. “The U.S. is going through an exciting renaissance in science, bolstered by the President’s commitment to return science to its rightful place, and Science Channel is proud to be an important part of the national conversation about how science fundamentally changes all of our lives.” The highlights of Science Channel’s 2009–10 Upfront schedule include:


In Science Channel’s first-ever game show, created by executive producer Whoopi Goldberg and her production company Whoop Inc, contestants bet the bank that they know the answers to some of science’s craziest riddles. The “reel” stars of this show are the peculiar video clips used to showcase unexpected science trivia - from nature's oddities to startling lab experiments, HEAD GAMES (wt) will leave viewers learning and laughing.

Based on the New York Times best-selling book, “Physics of the Impossible,” Dr. Michio Kaku takes viewers to the frontiers of science with an authoritative exploration of the world of phasers, force fields, teleportation, time travel and more. He investigates the physics behind some of science fiction’s wildest offerings and concludes that many of the technologies once thought impossible may actually be inevitable.

Academy Award-winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman executive produces, hosts and narrates this exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe. This new series, produced by Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment, seeks the answers to the big questions: Are we alone? Where did we come from? Is there life on other planets? From the latest work at NASA and private enterprise facilities to the latest theories from futurists and physicists, this series looks at black holes, colonizing the planets, string theory and more. Science Channel invites viewers on the journey as Morgan Freeman picks up where Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” left off and explores the new frontiers of what is beyond earth.

The premise is simple: what would the world be like if one key element we take for granted every day was removed? In this new series, hosted by geographer and ecologist Ellie Harrison, viewers will find out how the planet would respond if cockroaches, death, snakes, sunlight, earth’s natural rotation, wind and more were suddenly taken from daily life. How would the earth change over a period of one year, 100 years and 10,000 years if it were suddenly void of one ingredient?

This series takes an intriguing look inside the massive machines and structures that populate the planet. Each episode dives into the inner workings and sophisticated designs behind jumbo jet aircraft, hydroelectric generators, space shuttles, sophisticated robotic manufacturing machines and more.

Drawing on the work of science visionaries throughout history, this series takes viewers on a journey into the next century. Introducing passionate, classically trained scientists who now spend their lives trying to explain the extreme reaches of science, Science Channel explores, examines and experiments with the scientific theories on the outskirts of accepted science, seeking explanations to the world's most bizarre and unexplained phenomenon.

From god-like strength and synesthesia to magnetism and telekinesis, this groundbreaking series reveals the amazing stories of real people with extraordinary super powers. These super human abilities completely confound our understanding of what it is to be human, how we use our senses and what the limits to our natural abilities are.


For more than 20 memorable years the Delaware-based “World Championship Punkin Chunkin” has hit the skies. And Science Channel is honoring the backyard engineers who turn pumpkins into projectiles with an inside look at the high flying, far-flung action of the annual championship competition. This year’s coverage will feature an additional special On the Road To Punkin Chunkin (wt) as the network examines competitors in their workshops to see how they create their monsters of engineering.

Science Channel’s BRINK takes a look back at the breakthroughs and innovations from the world of science in 2009. Which new idea or discovery will prove to be the most lifechanging? What were the seminal moments, who are the people behind the discoveries and how did they do it? YEAR IN SCIENCE will answer these questions as it brings viewers up close to the most incredible scientific research.

Cane Toads (or Bufo Marinus) are native to Central America, but were imported by the hundreds to Australia in 1935 in an attempt to rid the country of the Greyback beetle which was rapidly destroying the sugarcane crop. The Cane Toads adapted beautifully to their new surroundings. The problem was that the Greyback beetle could fly and the Cane Toad could not. What the Cane Toad is unusually proficient at, however, is reproducing by the thousands. Now, Science Channel has teamed with documentary filmmaker Mark Lewis to tell the story of the Cane Toads’ amphibious assault on Australia.

As THE home for space programming, Science Channel brings you to the one place where the sky isn’t the limit—it’s just the beginning. In our fourth annual SPACE WEEK, viewers continue a fascinating exploration of one of the last mysterious, awe-inspiring places (un)known to man through in-depth programming on Science Channel, as well as information-rich, interactive experiences online at


Airing weekly, this series immerses viewers on the frontlines of cutting-edge breakthroughs in technology, research, inventions, discoveries and the mysteries of the scientific world. BRINK meets people who are on the brink of changing our lives, provides viewers with a clear understanding of the impact and relevance science has in our lives today, and offers significant insights into how science may profoundly change our world tomorrow.

Science Channel’s hit series is back! From binoculars and tortilla chips to baseballs and harmonicas, find out how many of the everyday objects we seldom stop to think about become the things they are. In each episode of this series, you’ll be amazed to see how common items are manufactured in high-tech factories around the world.

Host Nar Williams lifts the veil on the science behind moviegoers’ favorite films, taking viewers inside the special effects of upcoming blockbusters. Each one-hour episode goes into the world of moviemaking to break down the technology and science of the business, through behind-the-scenes footage, as well as exclusive one-on-one interviews with the visionaries responsible for creating magic movie moments.

Science Channel is partnering with Popular Science magazine to bring viewers a rare glimpse of the extraordinary scientific and technological advancements that will shape the way we live in the next 25 years. Each episode will examine one aspect of human life including play, security, pleasure, war and superhuman ability, and uncover the cuttingedge research, maverick scientists and genius prototypes driving our future world.

This irreverent and enlightening competition pits a team of engineering and mechanical gurus in a race against time to save a remarkable grand prize from impending destruction. In each episode, the team can only keep that prize if they figure out how to protect it from being annihilated by a diabolical scheme, including: a 50-foot fall from a crane; a dynamite explosion; or a 10,000-gallon flood of water. Each team will have only hours to invent, build, test, and finally, implement their rescue plan, and will either walk away with a prize or with tiny pieces of it.

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