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J. David Wargo has served as president of Wargo & Company, Inc., a private investment company specializing in the communications industry, since 1993. He is also a senior advisor to New Mountain Capital, LLC, a co-founding member of Act II Partners, LP, since 2002, and a co-founding partner of PRC Venture Partners, LLC, since 2006.

Prior Professional Experience:

  • Managing Director, Senior Analyst, The Putnam Companies - 1989 to 1992
  • Partner, Marble Arch Partners - 1986 to 1989
  • Senior Vice President, Marble Arch Partners - 1985
  • Assistant Director of Research, State Street Research & Management Company - 1984 to 1985
  • Partner, State Street Research & Management Company - 1983 to 1985
  • Security Analyst, State Street Research & Management Company - 1978 to 1982

Company Directorship:

  • Mr. Wargo is a director of Discovery Communications, chairman of the Nominating Committee and a member of the Audit Committee. He served as a director of Discovery Holding Company prior to Discovery Communications becoming a public company.

Other Directorships:

  • Mr. Wargo is a director and member of the Audit and Nominating and Governance Committees of Liberty Global, Inc., and director and chairman of the Compensation Committee of Strayer Education, Inc. He is also a former director of Liberty Media Corporation, United Video Satellite Group, Liberty Digital, TV Guide International, Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc., OnCommand Corp, OpenTV Corporation, Fun Technologies, Inc., and a former member of the Investment Committee of TCI Technology Ventures, Inc.


  • Mr. Wargo is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the department of Physics, a Master of Science degree from the department of Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Science degree from the Sloan School of Management.  He is also a member of Sigma Xi, the honorary Scientific Research Society.

Stock Value

DISCA 40.50 +0.53 (NASDAQ)

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