‘My Discovery’ Continues Celebration of Fans & 25 Years of Discoveries

My Discovery ScreenshotIn conjunction with Discovery’s 25th anniversary in June, we launched a new campaign, My Discovery — helping fans explore their “Big D” and “little d” discoveries. As a part of Discovery Channel’s Anniversary Week, we even featured 120 discoveries on air in primetime!

Since launching the site, we’ve seen everything from the recent discovery of an ancient ship on the site of the World Trade Center to new food & beverage favorites to career discoveries (one fan even said Discovery Channel influenced her choice to become a conservationist!).

So, what have you discovered about the world and yourself? We invite you to take to Twitter with the #mydiscovery hashtag and to visit mydiscovery.com to share your discoveries (don’t forget to add pictures/video) — you may even see yours featured online.