Sully Takes the Reins on Discovery Channel’s ‘Pitchmen’

Sully Weighs the Pros and Cons of Inventions on Discovery Channel's Pitchmen

Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen returns tonight at 9pm ET/PT for its second season — with one very notable difference.  The series follows Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as he attempts to pick up the pieces and continue making inventors’ dreams come true after the sudden death last summer of his longtime friend and pitch partner, Billy Mays.  This season, Sully scours the country seeking out inventions that provide simple solutions to common problems.  Each episode features good, bad and hilarious ideas, and will showcase the inventions from first pitch to final commercial to see if the risk pays off for the dare-to-dream inventors.

Tonight, a former marine attempts to revolutionize the flashlight by creating a flashlight arm band, while Sully dons a fire suit and sets himself ablaze to test out a fire suppressant product. (If that weren’t heroic enough, he also “visited” 33 cities in less than four hours during a satellite interview tour earlier this week. Busy man!)

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