Animal Planet Debuts Powerful New Miniseries, ‘Blood Dolphins’

As Animal Planet’s Whale Wars ends its second season tonight with a two-hour finale at 9pm ET/PT, the network will premiere a three-part series, Blood Dolphins, spotlighting renowned dolphin activist Ric O’Barry’s campaign to expose the plight of dolphins worldwide. With his son, filmmaker Lincoln O’Barry, Ric picks up where the Academy Award-winning film The Cove left off, exposing the world to the shocking slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan.

In the premiere episode of Blood Dolphins, Ric and Lincoln return to the site of The Cove (Taiji, Japan), which is also the nerve center of the senseless annual slaughter of approximately 20,000 dolphins. Along with a small crew, they revisit this little inlet that has been widely criticized for its customary six-month dolphin hunting seasons.

Check out a sneak peek at the miniseries below and tune in Friday, August 27 at 11pm ET/PT (and its regular 9pm ET/PT timeslot the following Friday).

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