and Purina’s Mighty Dog Debut ‘Small & In Charge’

Are you a fan of small dogs? Proving that some of the very best things come in small packages, and Purina® Mighty Dog® Dog Food launched Small & In Charge today, an online partnership celebrating small dogs everywhere. Small & In Charge runs through October and features original online programming dedicated to meeting the needs of small dog owners, including a webisode series showcasing four powerhouse pint-size dogs with amazing abilities.

Here’s some of what you’ll find at Small & In Charge:

  • Small Dogs, Big Jobs webisode series, including Pixie, a Jack Russell Terrier who can sense paranormal activity and Jack, a Cairn Terrier who leads exercise classes with his owner;
  • Articles on topics ranging from famous small dogs to busting myths about small dogs;
  • Daily “treat” blog featuring posts dedicated to small dog products;
  • Little canine quizzes testing users’ knowledge of small breeds, as well as a user-submitted small dog slide show; and
  • Video clips highlighting the top five terriers.

Celebrate the small dog in your life (or your neighbor’s), and check out Small & In Charge.