Military Channel Explores PTSD Treatment In ‘Horse Sense and Soldiers’

On Sunday night at 10PM ET/PT, Military Channel will air a one-hour special called Horse Sense and Soldiers, which explores how award-winning horse trainer Monty Roberts works with veterans of the Iraq war to help them with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) they’ve faced upon returning to the U.S. 

Horse Sense and Soldiers introduces viewers to three veterans who are experiencing difficulties interacting with their families and going about their daily lives due to PTSD.  For four days, Roberts, an “American renaissance cowboy” famous for his gentle approach to training horses, worked with the three veterans at his farm in California to help them establish trusting relationships and partnerships with horses. Roberts does not use whips, restraints or physical violence to tame horses, but instead relies on a soft-spoken, nurturing style to send signals through body language while interpreting silent messages from the horse. His goal with the veterans is to help them control their anger, confront painful memories, cope with real-life situations, and move on with their lives and relationships.

Given all of the challenges that veterans face upon re-entry to their civilian lives in the U.S., Military Channel is proud to showcase this special as part of its ongoing salute to our returning troops.

Here is a preview of Horse Sense and Soldiers: