Discovery Channel Makes Its Mark on Thursday Night

After 25 years, Discovery Channel and its programming have become a part of pop culture around the world — from Morgan Freeman telling Jim Carrey that he should watch more Discovery Channel in Bruce Almighty to the fact that Shark Week has become a virtual holiday in the U.S.

On Thursday, we were happy to see Discovery Channel mentioned in two of the night’s most popular shows. On 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan made his way to the hospital for the birth of the newest addition to his family and, needing a free ride, hailed a generous cabbie — Cash Cab‘s Ben Bailey. Jordan turns out to have a knack for the game and some pretty tough trivia (check out the episode at the end of this post). I must also note that Tracy Jordan has given us one of our favorite lines: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” Thanks, TJ.

Speaking of Shark Week, the iconic programming event made its way onto CSI last night as well. The CSI episode centers around an investigation of a murder, but was the murderer a human or a shark? One of the suspects even invokes MythBusters in the interrogation room… an interesting tactic, I think.

Do you have any favorite Discovery Channel references in pop culture? We’d love to hear about them!