Video Interview with Liam McCarty, ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’

Yesterday, Discovery Education and 3M named Liam McCarty of Elm Grove, Wisconsin as “America’s Top Young Scientist” for developing an innovative wound closure system that better protects deep cuts as part of the 2010 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

McCarty was one of 10 finalists who competed this in a series of live science challenges yesterday in New York City, including  communicating principles of science behind unusual phenomenons, such as a disappearing beaker or how a hand can be set on fire without leaving burns; testing the validity of the “Five Second Rule” as it relates to food safety; and  inventing a solution to a safety or security problem found in society. (Read more about the challenge and McCarty’s win here.)

We took this as an opportunity to ask Liam some questions about his win, the competition and more:

What would you like to do for a career?

What advice do you have for someone who doesn’t enjoy science?

What is your favorite 3M product? (We’re partial to Post-It Notes.)

Tell us about your winning innovation.

Finally, how does it feel to be America’s Top Young Scientist?