Time for ‘Dirty Jobs’ and ‘Bugging Out’

Dirty Jobs' Mike RoweAs we get closer and closer to Halloween, in all of its scary, slimy glory, it’s only fitting that two shows premiering tonight on Discovery Channel and Science Channel celebrate the dirty and the disgusting (to most).

First, Dirty Jobs returns tonight at 9pm ET/PT for another season of celebrating the hard-working, skilled men and women who do the tough work that makes life possible for the rest of us. This season features some of the dirtiest and most bizarre jobs yet — Mike Rowe will try his hand as a wetland warrior, sea lampry exterminator, animal relocator, woolen mill operator, and lightening rod installer. Tonight, he goes to a Texas ranch that harbors and breeds exotic animal species, where he will suffer a lemur bite and take a shot at “animal sexing” (this time with porcupines).

Additionally, Science Channel tonight focuses on the unsavory with a sneak preview of Bugging Out, also at 9pm ET/PT. Executive produced by film and TV star Wilmer Valderrama, Bugging Out sheds light on the fascinating scientific facts and insights that make bugs extraordinary works of evolutionary biology. Bugging Out focuses on a quirky couple — Ken and Georgi MacNeil — and their friends (all self-proclaimed “bug geeks”) as they expand their bug-selling business. Each episode follows the team as they attempt to fill random and seemingly impossible orders from all over the world. Think you know a lot about bugs? Take a quiz and find out whether you have what it takes to be called a bug geek.

We’ll leave you with a preview of tonight’s Bugging Out…