‘What Not to Wear’ Returns to TLC in Style

What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly & Stacy London
WNTW's Kelly & London

Stacy and Clinton are back on TLC’s What Not To Wear for another season of helping women in serious need of a fashion overhaul!

In the season premiere tonight at 9pm ET/PT, they help Mindy Cohn — also known as Natalie on the 80s sitcom The Facts of Life — who is struggling to balance her private and public persona while hiding in a frumpy wardrobe filled with oversized, shapeless clothes. Stacy and Clinton help her update her look and find a more flattering style for her body type. (Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere and tune into new episodes each Friday.)

Also, do you have some terrifying pieces in your closet? If so, you should enter TLC’s Scary in Style Contest this Halloween, the one time of the year where it’s okay to look frightening. Send a picture of your worst outfit, and you could win $200 to spend on a style makeover!