Of Meteorites, Men and ‘Meteorite Men’

Meteorite Men
Photo Courtesy of Geoff Notkin

Last month, we were lucky to have the Science Channel’s resident meteorite hunters, Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold (aka the Meteorite Men), stop by One Discovery Place on their way to the USA Science & Engineering Festival, where they delighted scientists of all ages.

And tonight at 9pm ET, Meteorite Men returns as polar opposites Geoff and Steve share their one common love – meteorite hunting. The series brings viewers on a thrilling search for these hard to find, ancient visitors using cutting-edge detection technology. In the season premiere (Alpha Site, Kansas), the Meteorite Men return to their top-secret location in eastern Kansas in search of a rare pallasite meteorite containing extraordinary gem-quality olivine crystals.

For more insight into the duo, check out their video answers to a few fan-sourced questions that we recorded during their visit, and follow @MeteoriteMen tonight at 9pm ET for their tweets during the premiere!