Discovery Channel Rewards Fans on GetGlue with New Discounts

MythBusters Discounts on GetGlueLast month, Discovery Channel unveiled custom stickers for fans who check into Discovery Channel, MythBusters and Storm Chasers on GetGlue, the popular entertainment-focused social network. And now, just in time for the holidays, Discovery Channel is announcing additional rewards through fan discounts at

To earn a sticker and discount, simply watch and check into MythBusters, Storm Chasers or another Discovery Channel show five times on GetGlue. Once you have, you’ll earn your show- or network-sticker and see a new “special” on the associated page online or on your mobile app. For example, if you are a MythBusters fan, you will earn 10% off all MythBusters merchandise at The same goes for Storm Chasers, and Discovery Channel fans (checking into any five shows on the network) can save across the entire online store. If you’ve already achieved “fan” status, you can go ahead and start using your discount today.

Here’s to all of you!