Help Bring ‘Inside Story’ to Life, Make a Difference on World AIDS Day

Inside StoryAs we commemorate World AIDS Day today, it’s a time not only to raise awareness for the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic globally but also to find ways to take action and create an impact today… and beyond.

For this reason, I am incredibly excited about a new initiative, Inside Story: The Science of HIV/AIDS, from our nonprofit Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership. DCGEP has been on the forefront of bringing life-changing education to students and underserved communities around the world — from sharing the wonders of space exploration to information about the prevention of malaria. Inside Story will expand on that mission with the help of a feature-length film that combines the best of fiction and non-fiction storytelling to unravel the mystery of HIV and empower millions across sub-Saharan Africa with the knowledge they need to make informed health decisions.

Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership and its partners are hoping to begin production in 2011, but first they need to raise the final 6% of funds needed to start filming. And, through a new GlobalGiving campaign for Inside Story, individuals can lend their support to this initiative.

According to recent estimates by UNAIDS, 22.5 million people in sub-Saharan Africa were living with HIV in 2009, a  number that has grown over 10% since 2001. Inside Story will fill the need to reach adults and children and educate them about the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS.  As Ben Plumley, CEO of Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation explains:

Inside Story is an important project, addressing a gap that our field has not yet been able to fill. Working daily to help the millions of Africans affected by HIV/AIDS, I am excited about DCGEP’s efforts and hope individuals and other public and private entities will join me in supporting it.”

We invite you to consider making a donation to DCGEP’s Inside Story through GlobalGiving and to help us spread the word — via Facebook and Twitter, to your family and friends.