Cross-Company Team Comes Together for Washington Animal Rescue League

This Creating Change post is from guest blogger Grace Suriel, Social Media Manager for Animal Planet. More guest posts are coming your way…

The Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL), the oldest animal shelter in the District of Columbia, has a simple mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals who have nowhere else to go.  Today, several Discovery Communications employees from a variety of disciplines and departments came together to help further that mission.

Left to Right: Jessica Latterman (Animal Planet), April Broyles (Animal Planet), Lara Richardson (TLC), Miguel Monteverde (Discovery Digital Media and Sam Adorno (Discovery Digital Media)

Jessica Latterman (pictured far left), Marketing Manager for Animal Planet, has been spending the day as a Creating Change project leader, with her team providing WARL with strategic insight on how to leverage the organization’s social media network. WARL’s social media following is primarily made up of new pet parents along with a 400 person volunteer team working to increase awareness among D.C. area residents hoping to adopt a new pet.

More specifically, the team’s work will help WARL place a larger number of special needs pets in permanent homes. “The faster they can adopt those out, the more special needs pets they can take in. Everyone on our team really believes in their cause…and really wants to help them out.”

For more information on how to adopt a pet from the Washington Animal Rescue League, visit their companion search or just drop by for a visit!