‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Puts the Spotlight on Discovery Channel’s 2011 Schedule

Discovery's 'Desert Car Kings'

We’re excited about our upcoming programming on the Discovery Channel, and it’s always nice to hear that others are too. Today, The Hollywood Reporter wrote an article about Discovery’s 2011 schedule, which includes 15 returning and 25 new series, the most in the network’s history. Some of the new series include:

  • Desert Car Kings, about the McClures, an Arizona family that searches for and restores classic vehicles;
  • Treasure Nation, about an archaeologist and anthropologist duo who travel the country to find overlooked artifacts, from antique weaponry and ancient Mayan artifacts to claims of Biblical relics in suburban backyards;
  • Kidnap & Rescue, which explores the dangerous and harrowing world of rescuing kidnap victims, and
  • Flying Wild Alaska, about a family-run airline that travels to the most remote parts of Alaska

Read the Hollywood Reporter article for the full scoop on what you’ll find on Discovery Channel in 2011!