Military Channel Brings Tank Battles to Life Tonight

Tonight at 10pm ET/PT, Military Channel debuts a new series that allows technology to bring the intensity of a tank battle to ultra-realistic life, something that has always been mission impossible for filmmakers who must always take a safe position at the edge of the battlefield.

Using ultra-realistic CGI animation to recount step-by-step maneuvers, Greatest Tank Battles brings to life the most gripping battles ever fought on the front lines with these weapons on wheels. Each episode also features first-hand accounts from the eyes of the very soldiers who manned the guns and guided the monster machines.

Tonight’s premiere provides an in-depth account of the Gulf War’s “Battle of the 73 Easting,” one of the most studied tank battles of modern times. In the battle, the American 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment used superior equipment and training to overcome a blinding sandstorm and hundreds of tanks manned by Iraq’s elite Republican Guard.

Other battles profiled in the series will range from the 1973 Battle for the Golan Heights, where a few outnumbered tankers managed to hold off an enemy of overwhelming size, to the largest tank battle in military history, as elite SS troops faced off against Russian defenders at The Battle of Kursk on July 12, 1943.

Check out a sneak peek of the series: