Science Channel Explores ‘Ingenious Minds’

Ingenious Minds - Jon Sarkin
Jon Sarkin Working on his Art in His Gloucester, MA Studio

It’s a week full of premieres here at Discovery Communications!

Ingenious Minds, which premieres on Science Channel on Thursday, February 17 at 8pm ET/PT, goes inside the fascinating minds and painful lives of people with extraordinary intelligence. Enter the worlds of savants, or individuals who possess extremely rare abilities while also suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Along with moving real-life stories (Jon Sarkin and Temple Grandin, among others), the series will showcase cutting-edge research in brain science and the advanced diagnostics that may help scientists understand more about the amazing intelligence and challenges of these amazing individuals.

Learn more about the geniuses featured on Ingenious Minds, try to guess who Science Channel’s “Top 10 Giant Brains” are, and check out a sneak peek of the series below.