Discovery Channel Delivers Armchair Adventure with ‘Man vs. Wild’ & ‘Out of the Wild’ Tonight!

Man vs. Wild GetGlue StickersI generally consider myself adventurous — a world traveler, scuba diver and roller coaster fanatic. However, there are some things that make me happy to be an armchair adventurer, like Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild and Out of the Wild: Venezuela.

Tonight, Discovery Channel is serving up a health dose of real-world survival, as Bear Grylls takes to Arizona’s Sky Islands to demonstrate how to survive in scorching deserts and on freezing mountains. Following Man vs. Wild (Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT) is a new season of Out of the Wild, as nine ordinary people are dropped off in a remote corner of Venezuela with only the most basic supplies. Their mission? To travel across 70 brutal miles of uncharted terrain back to civilization. The living room couch sounds like a good location to join both of these adventures (check out previews of tonight’s episodes below).

Discovery Channel has also launched its newest set of stickers on GetGlue in conjunction with Man vs. Wild. Check-in while watching tonight (and each Thursday) to earn your own Man vs. Wild merit badges and brag to your friends that you’ve earned “parasite removal” or “advanced frostbite” distinction.