Discovery Channel Unearths ‘American Treasures’ Tonight at 10pm ET/PT

American Treasures' Anthropologist Dr. Kirk French

Do you have any historical artifacts sitting in your basement or attic? Have you ever wondered if they are worth anything? Tonight at 10pm ET/PT, Discovery Channel premieres American Treasures, a new series in which two professors hit the road to meet with people who’ve called them to find out whether they are sitting on a national treasure or a worthless dust-gatherer.

Dr. Kirk French, a professor of anthropology at Penn State, and Dr. Jason De Leon, a professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan, are used to doing ethnographic and archeological research across remote parts of the U.S. and Mexico. But how will they handle working out of their truck as they confirm — or dash — the hopes of these owners?

Meet the guys behind American Treasures, check out the episode guide, and catch a sneak peek at the series below: