Fight or Flight? Animal Planet’s ‘Taking on Tyson’ Debuts Sunday

“The first thing I ever loved in my life was a pigeon. I don’t know why…I feel ridiculous trying to explain it.”

Taking on TysonAnimal Planet has brought us unexpected animal-human combinations — from Shorty Rossi and his pit bulls on Pit Boss to the men and women featured on Fatal Attractions. This Sunday, viewers will step into the world of heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson and his pigeons on Taking on Tyson.

Tyson’s love for these birds (yes, that’s him quoted above) started when he was a child in Brooklyn, NY, when he threw his first punch after a neighborhood bully killed one of his pigeons. Taking on Tyson follows the boxer as he goes beyond raising pigeons to racing in a highly competitive, bizarrely fascinating subculture. Take a glimpse into Tyson’s world in the preview below and tune into Animal Planet on Sunday, March 6, at 10pm ET/PT to learn more about Tyson and his feathered friends.