Spying on Polar Bears with Animal Planet

Polar Bear: Spy on the IceIf you’re a fan of Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth and Life, make a note on your calendar to catch Animal Planet‘s Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice this Thursday night. As with the former series, Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice leverages production technology (in this case spy cameras) to capture animal behavior in a new and fascinating light.

Premiering Thursday at 10pm ET/PT on Animal Planet, Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice follows polar bear mothers Aesa and Svanna as they lead their cubs on a journey across frozen land in arctic Norway to sea ice on the edge of the polar ice cap. What’s at the end of their multiple month trek? Fertile hunting grounds for seals.

Check out a clip from the special below and curl up with your family to watch their journey tomorrow night.