TLC Features Three Generations of Antique Appraisers on ‘What the Sell?!’

Tuesday night at 10pm ET/PT, TLC premieres What the Sell?!, a series that follows a Chicago family of master appraisers – Kate, her mother Judy, and her grandmother Gloria. The series chronicles their hectic days managing The Perfect Thing, Inc., their extremely large antique store, and shows how they haggle for every penny they make on a sale. Working together, this three-generation team appraises the vintage furniture, decorative accessories and other pieces of historic art that find their way into the store, and then barter, buy and sell these treasures.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see on the series:

I don’t know about you, but I find these three women pretty entertaining – I will be tuning in as much to observe their family dynamic as to follow their wheeling and dealing. Tomorrow night’s episode will show just how hard it is to have differing opinions in the workplace, especially when working with relatives.

Meet the appraisers, learn more about the process of appraising antiques, and find out how you can spotlight your antique on What the Sell?!