Science Channel Invites Viewers to Take Part in SciSpy Missions

SciSpy iPhone AppOur networks are often bringing the wonder of the natural world into your living room, but Science Channel is flipping things around and asking viewers to share their experiences of the world and its creatures with SciSpy.

What is SciSpy? Quite simply, it’s crowdsourcing science and creating what we call “citizen scientists.” How do you participate? Download the free app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store or visit, and check out the current “missions” including:

When you upload your images, the pictures will be date-stamped, geo-tagged and classified by topical experts — providing insight and context for your discoveries. (Many of SciSpy’s missions will complement series, like Monster Bug Wars.)

So grab the kids, tell teachers & Scout leaders and invite your friends and family to become an agent of science…and let us know if you have any missions you’d like to see, and we’ll pass your suggestions along to the SciSpy team!