Science Channel to Feature ‘An Idiot Abroad’ Fan Tweets on April 1 (No Joke!)

An Idiot Abroad - JordanAs a part of the social media team at Discovery, I have the pleasure of working with colleagues across the company on a wide range of projects. Tomorrow night (April 1) will be a first for me and for Science Channel, as we debut a live Twitter stream during the primetime portion of the April Fools’ Day An Idiot Abroad marathon.

Today, I made the trip to our broadcast ops facility to test things out and make final preparations for the Twitter-fueled event. Having spent many Saturday nights chatting with An Idiot Abroad fans (I’m as big a fan as they are), I can’t wait to watch everyone’s hilarious commentary meet Karl Pilkington on live TV tomorrow.

Keep an eye on @ScienceChannel for updates (including a few observations from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) and, most importantly, tune into the marathon (beginning Friday at 2:30pm ET, with live Tweets from 8-11pm ET) AND let us know what you think while you watch by adding #AnIdiotAbroad to your Tweets. You may just see yours on air!

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