Science Channel’s ‘Oddities’ Returns with New Episodes, Outrageous Items

Oddities Syringe and TeethDiscovery Channel‘s Auction Kings introduces viewers to collectibles of all types — from classic cars to modern day memorabilia. However, the team at Gallery 63 certainly has never seen a Tibetan trumpet made of a human femur or a two-headed cat. Luckily, the folks at Obscura Anitiques and Oddiites in New York City have got us covered.

Science Channel‘s Oddities is back with a second season Saturday at 10pm ET/PT as Obscura’s Mike and Evan serve up a combination of unique collectibles and even more unique patrons. Check out this clip from this week’s premiere, as Jonathan Davis (of the band Korn) shops for a vintage home embalming kit. No joke.

If you’d like more insight into the world of Oddities, join Mike from Obscura on Twitter at @ObscuraAntiques at 10pm ET on April 9 as you tune into the premiere on Science Channel.