Animal Planet Travels to ‘Madagascar’ on Sunday Night

Many of us here at Discovery Communications woke up at an ungodly hour this morning to turn on TLC‘s coverage of the Royal Wedding. From the romantic dress to the pomp of Westminster Abbey, we were transported to another country and, it felt at times, another era.

This Sunday, viewers won’t need to wake up early, but they can travel to an even more exotic location — Madagascar — on Animal Planet‘s upcoming special Madagascar at 8pm ET/PT. For 65 million years Madagascar was lost to the world in splendid isolation — undiscovered and untouched by man. Left to its own devices, it became a hot bed of evolution, creating the greatest concentration of unique creatures anywhere on the planet. More than 80 percent of Madagascar’s animals and plants are found nowhere else on Earth. Recognized as one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots, this is an Alice-in-Wonderland island of weird animals, strange plants and extraordinary landscapes. New species are still being discovered every year.

With conservationists currently placing Madagascar as a top priority, now is the perfect time to paint the definitive portrait of this truly remarkable island country. Tune in on Sunday night (May 1) to experience this remarkable land from your own living room, and click here to learn more about conservation efforts in Madagascar.