Tweets and TV: Twitter Showcases Best-Of & Includes Science’s ‘An Idiot Abroad’

Yesterday, Gayle and I had the pleasure of presenting at BlogWell DC on the topic of real-time engagement through social media and social TV. One of the examples we used was a recent meshing of Twitter and TV with Science for their hit series An Idiot Abroad. As a part of April Fools’ Day fun, the network streamed fan Tweets live on air in primetime as the culmination of a day-long marathon of the series.

Twitter has clearly become a part of the fabric of the TV experience — whether through Tweets on TV, an online chat with talent during a show (e.g., @MythBusters‘ #grantchat) or the use of a hashtag to create community around a series online. The Twitter Media team has released their new reel highlighting the best integrations of Twitter on TV, including Science’s #AnIdiotAbroad fueled event. Check it out below and stay tuned to Discovery Blog for updates on our latest social TV ventures!