Discovery Communications Launches ‘Discover Your Skills’ with Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe

Discovery Communications LogoDiscovery Channel’s Mike Rowe has become an advocate for skilled laborers and the American workforce, through Dirty Jobs, mikeroweWORKS and more. At the same time, Discovery Communications has been educating the world for almost 26 years and highlighting hardworking men and women that are the backbone of communities and our economy. Today, Discovery and Mike are announcing a new multimedia initiative, Discover Your Skills, that will provide unemployed and underemployed Americans with access to resources for obtaining marketable job skills while also raising the awareness of employment opportunities.

This afternoon, Mike Rowe will testify in front of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee (watch here at 2pm ET) in a hearing titled, “Manufacturing Our Way to a Stronger Economy,” drawing upon his seven years touring the country discovering Dirty Jobs and bearing witness to the role that these workers play in the success of our country. As part of Discover Your Skills, Mike, along with other Discovery personalities, will participate in on- and off-air programs and events to raise awareness of career opportunities and highlight the importance of training workers to fill these critical jobs.

Discovery Education will also spotlight information on career opportunities in skilled trades and how to obtain the training and experience necessary to pursue them, including tools that support the development of digital literacy, math and critical thinking skills required for individuals to obtain gainful employment.

For more on Discover Your Skills, read the announcement, visit our Impact website and check out Mike’s op-ed on today.