Discovery Channel Explores Mind Control in ‘Deception with Keith Barry’

Controlling minds, implanting thoughts, predicting behavior and hacking into the subconscious may sound like science fiction (remember Inception?)… but that’s not the case for world-renowned mentalist Keith Barry, who takes viewers into the human mind in Discovery Channel‘s Deception with Keith Barry. In scenarios ranging from dealing with criminals to dating, Barry will take skills from the Vegas stage and apply them to the real world.

A sneak peek of the four-part series will air tonight at 10pm ET/PT, and the series will regularly air on Wednesday nights at 10pm ET/PT beginning tomorrow, June 1. In tonight’s episode, Barry turns his attention to the world of spies. The CIA spent millions studying mind control during the cold war. In a series of experiments, Keith attempts mass hypnosis, programs ordinary people to be spies and creates a sleeper agent.