Discovery Channel Soars to New Heights in ‘Life on a Wire’ Tonight

Discovery Channel takes viewers to death-defying heights tonight during the sneak peek of Life on a Wire at 10pm ET/PT. This limited series follows Nik Wallenda (a seventh-generation Wallenda) and his legendary acrobatic family, The Flying Wallendas, on their mission to bring their death-defying skills to a 21st century audience.

Life on a Wire shows how Nik and his family create spectacular acts that cheat death through science, skill and discipline. The success of any of Nik’s acts — and, indeed, his very life — is dependent upon meticulous preparations that include engineering and wind speed analysis, conducted with a crew that includes his chief engineer (his uncle Mike) and his safety coordinator (his father Terry). Sparks fly frequently between father and son, as Terry is more of a traditionalist when it comes to rigging and safety.

Check out this high-wire pole-cam, which looks at tight-rope walking from the pole’s perspective (yikes!), and hold your breath during more stunts Nik did on The Today Show this morning: