Addressing the EVO ’11 Crowd in Park City

Last week, I had the honor of representing Discovery Communications at EVO ’11: The Evolution of Women in Social Media conference in Park City, Utah.

I spoke on a panel called “TV and Entertainment“, which explored how networks are working with bloggers, making storytelling more interactive, and using social media tools to take conversations from screen to web and build brand affinity online. My esteemed co-panelists were: Angela Santomero, creator, executive producer, and head writer of PBS Kids’ popular Super WHY!, a program that helps build literacy skills through an original approach to reading education, classic fairytales with an innovative twist and empowering young heroes; and Jeannette Kaplun, the Chief Content Officer and co-founder of Todobebé, Inc and the co-host of the Spanish-language network TV show “¡Viva la Familia! de Todobebé”, which airs on Univision.

We each presented a different angle of the TV/social sphere — I focused on how Discovery’s networks are using real-time engagement with fans via social  platforms to build affinity, drive traffic and tune-in, and learn more about fans. Jeannette gave practical advice for bloggers and others to build a brand using social media and create video content that can be shared via social channels. Angela spoke more specifically about Super WHY! and how it facilitates interactivity with parents and kids to help them get even more out of the series and connect with other viewers.

I always leave these conferences feeling recharged and even more convinced of the power of social media, and EVO ’11 was no exception. There was such a high level of passion among the attendees, as well as great confidence about their ability to use their social brands to effect change, express creativity, and create communities of women with similar interests.

It was an honor to attend EVO ’11 and represent Discovery Communications, and I am grateful for having been included in the program. I’m already looking forward to EVO ’12!